Bleach 352 & 353: I wish I could learn this fast in school

Holy crap, as usual Ichigo is learning really fast.

This episode was great and I am once again hyped up to watch more of Bleach, after so many fillers it is nice to see such awesomeness on my computer screen. I was not expecting Ichigo to progress this much in the span of a single episode, but I really don’t mind. It is great to finally see what this show is great for, explosion and actions. That’s what Bleach is all about after all. Ichigo learns stuff so quickly, it helps keep the story new and refreshing, every episode we are able to witness one new and awesome ability. At the end of the episode his power became most likely even too powerful for even himself to handle, even if he was miniature he was able to fill the entire room with his energy, that can’t be good for Jackie…or Ichigo.

I’m not really surprised that Jackie doesn’t like her fullbring power, it involves that she gets dirty and no one likes to get dirty.I know that I would like to have my power removed too if It was this inconvenient. But at least it ain’t absolutely useless, she does get considerably stronger with her power, but it seems that it is still not enough to make it dangerous enough to threaten Ichigo. That orange-headed bad ass seem to be unstoppable, no matter how weaken he is or how strong his opponents gets.


Bleach 353

He came

Another action packed episode of Bleach this time. Ichigo is learning really fast, Jackie was knocked out completely from the training and now he is able to take on Tsukishima. Of course Tsukishima is only playing around not to attract too much attention and not to actually kill Ichigo just yet, but still, it is nice to see Ichigo able to damage a little Tsukishima after so few training session. He was unable to defeat a simple hollow only a few episodes back and now he was powerful enough to harm the big bad guy of the arc. Still, I’m sure even more fighting will be involved really soon. It looks like just about every member of Xcution will go against Tsukishima one after the other. Because obviously going against him all at the same time would be silly and way too easy.

You made him mad, didn't you?

The episode was really interesting since we were able to actually see a fight between two Fullbringer for the first time, we were able to witness what those Fullbringer are supposed to be able to do and what I can say about that is that Ichigo was way stronger than any of them when he was still a soulreaper. There is simply too vast of a power difference between even Tsukishima and Shinigami-Ichigo. But it will be interesting to see what Tsukishima intent to do with Ichigo when he will finally have recovered his power. It seems that it might not be for Ichigo’s best interest to find out though.


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