Christmas is around the corner! Haruka wishes to host Christmas party again with 765 Pro, but with their packed schedules, it makes it almost impossible for them to make it. Haruka starts to wonder whether that was silly of her to suggest it…

… Is it just me or Haruka is giving off ominous (aka negative) vibes? It feels like something bad is going to happen even though we’re near the end…
This episode really focused on just how pre-occupied all the girls are with their jobs. Haruka who always been the heart of the team is feeling pretty lonely and strange of not being able to interact with the girls as much as she used to. She was pretty lucky that their Producer managed to arrange their schedules around to try help everyone make it for the party.
It’s too bad that Haruka felt that she couldn’t give the Producer his gift (a new wallet) because she didn’t want to ruin Miki’s moment. She could’ve always given it to him a while later or before he left and all.
As for Miki: Congratulation for obtaining the Shining Idol, New Artist Category Award! Her hard work paid off! Another congrats to Haruka (and Miki once again) for obtaining the position to compete for the lead role of a musical and for Chihaya as well for receiving an offer for a recording deal overseas!
Overall it was pretty enjoyable. I found it a bit slow, but it managed to keep me satisfied. Like I said in the beginning, I’m a bit suspicious with Haruka’s behaviour right now since she doesn’t seem to be acting like her usual self.


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