Black★Rock Shooter Episode 3 – The Jealous Heart

…and we’re back to real-life! Drama, action, friendship! (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Kagari seems like a changed person after her stay at the hospital/ confrontation with Black★Rock Shooter. Takanashi has jealousy pangs as Kuroi seems closer to Kotari than her…and it seems like Kohata isn’t Black★Gold Saw as people suspected…?


The episode ended with a cliff-hanger, just putting that out there.

This show is getting oddly more intimate with the friendship trials, especially between girls. I’m usually a huge hater on school-stories, unless there’s some really good drama to balance it out, and Black★Rock Shooter is handling it beautifully (Guilty Crown broke it’s boring-mode this week, so I’m in a good mood~).

Takanashi comes back to school, but soon finds herself almost as isolated as she was before…after all, before, she never knew what she was missing. Now that she has made a friend, she has to share her with the other classmates, and it’s really hard for her. But they’re so cute, that Kuroi and Takanashi are getting closer together, nonetheless. Especially when Kuroi accidentally does yobisute, and says Takanashi’s first name, no suffix and all! SO CUTE! ^///^

Kohata goes out on a limb to write and give a love letter to the boy of her choice, and finds herself ridiculed by all her friends. For someone as preppy and friendly as Kohata, this is really new, and she tries to take it all in step and laugh off her rejection. It’s not just that the boy she likes didn’t even bother with being discreet, or he didn’t even bother to stand up for her- it’s that she almost believes that the entire school has turned against her. Which is true, in a sense, since no one managed to protect her, and all Kuroi and Kotari can do is cry for her. Useless~

Black★Gold Saw pops up a lot in this episode, and it almost feels like Kohata isn’t her. Black★Gold Saw is seen watering little doll people through the episode, and they multiply into mindless drones. For some reason, they need to be destroyed, and they don’t have any reaction to danger. Even with giant chinks of rock hurtling towards them, they aren’t afraid to die, to be hurt. That’s almost like Kohata…and poor Kohata. The drones are Kohata clones, and Black★Gold Saw is actually…

And it turns out, the nice Irino-sensei isn’t so nice after all. She seems almost like the catalyst for producing all these other selves for Black★Rock Shooter to defeat, and there’s some reasoning for it. Maybe a final battle? A showdown between Black★Gold Saw and Black★Rock Shooter? Has Irino-sensei caused other students harm in the past, and was it covered up by her?

I guess we’ll find out.


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