Hellsing the Dawn Special 2: Sexy Walter~

In this second episode of amazing madness, the Nazi Boss and his scientific underling try to figure out how they will accomplish their evil plan with the ghouls they just created, until Walter invades, decides to be a badass and destroys the whole dinner room because that’s just how Hellsing works. He then gets stopped by the Captain, and the episode ends as they are about to fight all out.


You know, this show is quite impressive. In 7 minutes, it manages to get me hooked completely and to want to watch more right away… WHY IS THIS SO SHORT AND WHY CAN I NOT WATCH MORE OF THIS YET?!?!
Anyways. Although this was quite awesome, I have to admit that I’m mostly looking forward to that fight between Walter and the Captain. This should be amazing!!! I would also have loved to see Alucard, however it seems like this series will feature mostly kid Walter more than our badass vampire. Maybe we’ll get to see him later on I really hope so, however the focus is definitely not on him this time.
Talking about Walter, I have a feeling I will never get sick of this demonic teen version of him. This kid is immature, obnoxious, rude, arrogant, self-absorbed, and that is exactly why I love him. Despite all this, he can still find ways to be amazing and to stay on the good side. He’s the perfect antihero, and I’m all up for seeing more of him and his hot body.

Let's all go on a killing spree~

I have no idea when next episode will show up, nor do I have an idea if this show will ever get good despite lasting less than 10 minutes every episode, however right now I love watching these short episodes which make me patiently wait for the next OVA to come around.

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  1. Alejandro says:

    It’s me again, :P!
    You can also read this Hellsing The Dawn in Manga form!

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