High School DxD episode 8: Take my virginity Issei !



Oh, how I love this show. It is so perverted, so funny and yet so action packed at the same time. I think I’ve said that about a thousand times when talking about High School DxD, but it is what I firmly believe and what I keep repeating to myself. This episode had a lot of boobs and a lot of very hentai situations. I’m not sure what got me harder, the hentai flavor of the episode, or the premise of a fight between devils.

How romantic

Asia is so cute and so hot ! her innocence just makes me want to do even more cruel and dirty stuff to her. When something is too innocent for their own good you just have to open their eyes to the real world, don’t you? It is not like it would have been rape either, Asia was the one offering the service. To be honest I’ve seen similar scene in a thousand hentai, the only thing that made it special was that it was not, actually, a hentai.


The scene where Rias appears out of nowhere and says to Issei to take her virginity right now, It is something that I’m not sure even an hentai would do, it is too forward and unbelievable to ever happen. To be honest, I would never accept a request like that, no matter how hot the girl can be. There is always a trap if things happens this way, there is no way something like that could ever, ever, ever happen. Unless you know the reason why this is happening, don’t take the bait, for all you know you could be taking the virginity of a married demon heir and the demon husband will rip you to shred for what you have done.

I smell jealousy…oh wait nevermind, that’s me

At the beginning of the episode Issei was having a really weird dream. Now, I’m not talking about the fact that he was at a wedding, even less that he was about to kiss Rias, but the weird part of the dream was all the riddle he had with the dragon power that is hidden dormant inside of him. Issei is supposed to be worth 8 pieces and he has one of the legendary weapon, so it would be normal that he starts kicking asses and be awesome any minute now. But this has not yet happen, Issei is still a sex-crazed maniac with little to no power even if he has great ambition. But starting next episode it seems he will go into intense training to awaken the power inside him, with some luck, he might even get strong enough to survive the rating game that is coming up. He will be able to rid cute girls to pieces and save Rias from her horrible (yet cliché) predicament. Of course that training will involve incredible amount of ecchi, but that’s how we like it after all.


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