Mirai Nikki [future diary] ep 11: shit goes down bro

Yuno and Yuki are betrayed by Fourth, but what exactly are his intentions?

Yuno and Yuki are taken in for questioning, and Yuno is immediately not reacting to this well. Her first thought is WE MUST KILL OUR WAY OUT! Yuki, recognizing this, calms her down and the situation turns back to simple means. But shit starts to deteriorate when Fourth calls Yuki in first. Alone. And all Yuno can do is sit and wait. YEAH IMAGINE HOW THIS ONE TURNS OUT!

Fourth calls Yuki into the room and explains to him he has nothing to go on, and so Yuki calms down. And then he tells him what his diary is. You see, Fourth’s diary is the investigation diary. It only gives him details of criminal cases, and so Yuki and Yuno who have (to anyones knowledge) committed no crimes do not show up in his diary. He then loads his gun and says he’ll play Russian Roulette with Yuki, afterall, if he killed Yuki right then and there a crime would definitely be committed.

Yuno. is. pissed. Her diary changes and she knows immediately Fourth is not their friend anymore. She shoots her way into the room and threatens Fourth until Yuki calms her down. But it’s too late, as she knocked out and assaulted two police officers in order to get a gun and save Yuki, oh, and she shot Fourth and hurt him or something. Who cares he’s evil now XD. They take Mr. Ninth’s Boyfriend officer as a hostage and escape, but just barely, and then jump off a building together (onto something soft of course XD like always). Fourth explains that his plan was to get Yuno to do something all along, knowing full well she goes mad with rage whenever Yuki is threatened.

So now Yuki and Yuno are hiding out, until they see someone they recognize…the woman from the fake wedding they attended. How just so happens to be Fourth’s wife! They follow her (intending on stealing donuts and perhaps a hostage situation) and are stopped by a nurse….who just so happens to be Ninth! Ninth agreed earlier in the episode to team up with Fourth, but she says to Yuki and Yuno she wants to show them why Fourth betrayed them. She gets a call from Fourth, who decides she’s betrayed him, and so Ninth, Yuki, and Yuno team up. It turns out that Fourth’s son is dying and that’s why he has decided…he must become God!!!

And with that, the showdown begins between Fourth, Yuki, Yuno- and Fourth!


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