Mirai Nikki [future diary] ep 16: this episode is dumb and 7th is cute

This whole episode is centered around Yuki training and his dad coming into the picture. Pro tip. His dad sucks more than he does.

If you’re wondering how Yuki can fail so much as a person, here is the answer. His dad sucks balls. Literally, his dad comes to see him and finds Ninth sitting on him (to make him to push ups) and wants in on the action. Then she decides his dad and he will compete at athletics in order to train him. Well, here’s a hint about this episode. His dad sucks worse than he does and fails everything, but Ninth thinks it’s funny so she lets him do it and says Yuki loses.

A lot of this episode is Yuki focusing on how he wants his mom and dad to get remarried. And his dad looks like a loser but not terribly so, so we’re not completely opposed to this idea as a whole. He even brings it up to his dad and they discuss that if he can win at a race he’ll think about it. His dad gets far ahead of him and Ninth gives him a moving speech, and his dad even leaves him a snack while he goes to think over things.

Then it turns out that he was just lying and goes through Yuki’s room in order to find his cellphone. To erase all his debts he was asked to destroy Yuki’s cellphone, which he has no idea will kill him. But he doesn’t ask, he just does. Yuno overhears and is OBVIOUSLY NOT PLEASED. So she realizes she needs to get him to come with them to retrieve their cellphone in attempt to make Yuki see the truth and realize he’s screwing them.

They go to the tower they’re supposed to meet at and find 7th in wedding garments and with their cellphones in a table. They say they want to play a game. But Yuki’s dad being a complete asshole goes over to Yuki’s phone and breaks it right in front of him. Only, it turns out to be a fake and so he lives. Yuno realized this and attacks 7th’s bouquet guessing the phones would be in there, and they are. The episode ends with Yuki falling into a hole made by an explosion and pondering who’s hand to take, his father’s or Yuno’s.

But the most important thing about this episode is 7th. Yes 7th. We get to see them be adorable and actually in love. There is a point in the episode where Ai thinks her phone is telling her Mar will cheat on her, but it turns out he was buying her an engagement ring. TOUCHING MOMENT. BEAUTIFUL LOVE. FUCK YUKI AND YUNO, THIS IS WHERE IT’S AT.

Awww yeaah.


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