Naruto Shippuden Episode 250: Gai vs Kisame!



As Naruto shows his Kyuubi form to Yamato and Killer Bee, he notices a sinister chakra coming from Samehada. Kisame decides to make his escape from the Kumo island and send intel back to Akatsuki, however is intercepted by Gai, who uses his Eight Gates and taijutsu to destroy all the summoned sharks, one of which has the intel scroll.


It might have just been me, but did anyone else find this episode a bit too drawn out? With small flashbacks peppered here and there, it was almost as if they expected us to have long forgotten about Kisame’s previous fights with both Killer Bee and Gai, or the fact that he was hiding in Samehada all along, spying on Kumo and getting valuable intel about the last two Jinchuuriki that the Akatsuki need. Naruto’s new power makes him pretty OP compared to most other ninja (we’re already getting the Yellow Flash comparison from Bee) but I guess he needs something in order to stand up to Sasuke and Tobi’s Eternal Mangekyou.

I wonder how poor Zetsu and his clones feel about getting the short end of the stick every time, as creepy as he is. In terms of Kisame, I’ve never been sure about how strong he really is, and always felt that he was much weaker when compared to Itachi, especially pre-Shippuden. He’s able to survive so long though, as well as incapacitate both Bee and…the other guy, but to be fair it was parrtly Bee’s fault too. His love with a…giant spiky self-aware sword was too freaky, and – hey wait, I thought Samehada had stopped listening to Kisame because it liked Bee’s chakra better?

What is this I don't even...

Similar to Kisame, Gai just continues to pull out more and more of his power, which is directly contrasting to his retarded spiel about the power and flames of youth. I would have liked to see Gai really beat his inner self though. We’ve already seen Morning Rescue Peacock (Asakujaku) performed by Gai before when he went to the Sixth Gate, but Daytime Tiger (Hirudora) when he opened the Seventh was pretty cool too. I appreciated it much more in the manga though, maybe because a single punch just isn’t as appealing when animated. There’s no way an Akatsuki would die this easily, so Kisame most likely has something else up his sleeve.

Next week we go into yet another (hopefully interesting) flashback, about Kisame’s life before he left Kirigakure and became a missing-nin. Remembering what Zabuza said all that time ago about Kiri genin having to kill their Academy classmates would be useful too xD

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    1. It was never officially revealed, but I’d say Tobi would have at least a Mangekyou to complete his infinite Tsukuyomi plan, as well as get rid of the Amaterasu flames that Sasuke lit him up with.

      Also since I’m referring to Tobi in the anime right now, he’s Uchiha Madara, who definitely has an EMS.

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