Shakugan no Shana III Episode 17: Reason to Fight

It looks like scarves seem to be a trend for anti-heroes nowadays. First Ouma Shuu and now Yuuji – get your badass scarf today!~


The Flame Haze party travel to New York to meet up with Southvalley, Northshore and Eastedge, who all agree to help Shana with her plan after listening to the last words Centerhill left behind. Back in Misaki City, Yuuji meets up with Eita and Kazumi in his old form, and explains to them his reason to fight for creating Xanadu. After hearing that she is needed for the last stage of his plan, Kazumi agrees to follow Yuuji out onto the school roof, where Bal Masque and the Seireiden are waiting.


Even after he defected from the Flame Haze side and wiped out 80% of their forces, all it took was for Yuuji to ask Kazumi to go with him. She’s still very much Yuuji’s bitch, just like she’s been for three seasons now. FACEPALM He’s going to create another world on top of one city, pretty much all the bigshot Tomogara have gathered in one place, and you’re ALRIGHT with just handing yourself over?


While his reasoning seems to make sense to an extent, Shana and the Flame Hazes are also right in the sense that the Tomogara are gonna end up destroying that world too, which will have an effect on the human world. What I don’t get is why they don’t just go back to Guze, which would solve pretty much everything -_- Eita’s also very naive by thinking that Yuuji will be able to protect him and the rest of Misaki City without any casualties – that’s just not going to happen, and there might not even be a Misaki City to go back to if Xanadu is created. Also note how Yuuji subtly didn’t mention the exact conditions for creating Xanadu, which is probably a permanent death flag for Kazumi. Good. Please stay dead, too.

So halfway across the world we have Shana and friends who pretty easily managed to convince the rest of the Four Gods to join her cause and fight against Bal Masque. We still actually don’t know Shana’s plan, since the scene always cuts out to show Kazumi being Yuuji’s bitch, but she did mention it was something along the lines of attacking Bal Masque’s HQ – Seireiden then? Waiting until it’s clear how Yuuji wants to make Xanadu, then stopping the parts that make it up is worth a try too.

I love how they keep reminding us every episode that this show managed to get out of that tsundere archetype and become a proper epic fantasy series. When people talk about Shana now, they don’t go “Oh, it’s that show with the tsundere girl that loves eating melon pan”, they go “Oh, that awesome show with forbidden love between two sides of a war that could change the balance of that world” . We went from the rinse and repeat cycle of random Tomogara appearing in Misaki City to a point where Yuuji has every single Tomogara in the world under his command, ready to fight against all the Flame Haze to be with Shana. The epicness will be OVER 9000~

…Also, I LOL’d at how they managed to park a massive citadel on top of a school.

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  1. //…Also, I LOL’d at how they managed to park a massive citadel on top of a school.//
    Likewise. XD I was like, “WHOA, THAT’S FREAKING CLOSE!!!!!!”

    Yuuji was so creepy/eerie this episode. I was getting chills, he scared the shit out of me- but that was AWESOME.

    I can’t help but have a feeling that Sairei no Hebi/Yuuji wants to have Yoshida in their hands in the first place because it would benefit them if she were to summon Pheles- whom they may be planning to kill since she’s making some weird badass stuff atm.
    But it BAFFLES my mind how she’s all horrified and then she just like – as you said: Yuuji’s Bitch “Sure I’ll go with you!” Its like wtf man. If this motive of her to join Sakai has anything to do with her fucking fight with Shana for his lurvvv, well she’s an idiot.

    Another thing that made me slap my forehead was how Eita and Yoshida (while Eita wasn’t convinced right away) has so much faith in Yuuji, but they only know his side of the story and have no idea just how bad the consequences will be.

    1. Yuuji was far too composed compared to how his old self would have reacted, it was like a whole new personality for that body.

      Yeah it’s kinda like Eita’s almost accepted Yuuji’s reason for making Xanadu, but you’re got to wonder why he doesn’t think of the reason all the Flame Haze in the world are out to stop him.

      And I actually remembered why Yuuji needs Yoshida from something I’ve read in the past – it’s actually really, really simple…

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