Amagami SS+ plus Episode 13 [Final]: Hot Springs!

As Saito from ZnT has said, flat plains and mountain ranges both have their good points cough



Miya visits a local hot springs with Ai-chan and Sae, later finding out that Haruka, Tsukasa, Rihoko, Kaoru and Risa are there as well, along with nearly every other girl that has appeared in the series.


In short, unlike last year’s Miya arc episode, this time it was all about fanservice, though there admittedly was more comedy than ecchi. Pity Junichi couldn’t get to accompany them though – I keep forgetting that he’s still forever alone in this version of the story. Fear not, if you’re already fantasizing about Ai-chan’s swim-toned body, then you’re on the right track thumbs-up Until then, it’s another Umehara Christmas for you. No homo.

I’m not going to question the fact that nearly every named girl in the series managed to turn up at the same hot springs on the same day, even if its an absolutely free trip xD What I will question, though, is the dodgy bath names that all offered various equally dodgy services. I mean, a Ramen Bath is one thing, but a Milk Bath? I’ve actually seen the fish one that you put your legs into before, but it suddenly got a lot more appealing to Rihoko fans when she jumped in naked and hoped the bath would make her slimmer. She’s not that err…chubby, right guys?

If you think Rihoko’s conscious about her weight, then Tsukasa and Kaoru have an inner inferiority complex about their boob size. I don’t think Junichi minds too much actually, at least they’re not nearly completely flat like a certain imouto runs from chainsaw I’d laugh if it actually worked, much like how I was freaked out when I thought the little kid running around at the end was Takahashi-sensei. God that was scary.

Anyway, it was mostly fanservice overall, so I think you guys would appreciate the gallery up there more than chunks of text. As a parting gift, you can have a Miya.


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