Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 9: Their Confession

Ichika finally reveals the truth about her identity, and much to her surprise; everyone accepted it pretty easily, or they weren’t surprised. However Ichika still feels worried that she might trouble her friends, especially if investigators go out to find out why and how the rescue pod was destroyed.


Oh my gosh this episode was so sweet! Okay so it was bitter during the first half and Kanna’s indirect confession, but when Kaito and Ichika confessed their love, it was simple and adorable!
It looks like the next two episodes will be devoted to Mio and whether Tetsurou will accept her confession. Kanna says that she can’t stop loving Kaito. Letting go right off the bat is not easy, especially when you haven’t confessed to the one you love… (Well I’m not the one to talk, let alone give any sort of ‘love’ advice since I have never harboured romantic/attraction to another in my life, lol!)
I have to give Kanna a whole lot of credit for mustering the courage to confront Ichika for Kaito’s sake. I’m glad that both Tetsurou and Mio (though she was hidden, but I’m concerned about her crying as well. It could be that she was rejected or she’s crying because she understands how Kanna feels). That particular scene made my eyes sting.
It’s going to be difficult for Kanna to witness the two love birds in action (cuddling, holding hands, etc…), so I do wonder how she will tackle this challenge if she decides not to avoid them for a while.
I really loved how there were no complications or overdramatic horror/shock of the truth about Ichika. Everyone accepted it quite easily and were more amused and enthusiastic to explore her ship and experience her teleportation abilities.
Overall this was a great episode, slow, but productive. Now that Ichika’s and Kaito’s case is solved, what’s left is their friends to figure out who will end up with who, and who will be alone. ;A;
One more thing, I have to admit it feels like something is lacking, and I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is. The drama is there, the emotions are there… So I suppose it it might be the fact I’m not particularly interested in Kaito’s and Ichika’s relationship (nor do I ship them with the ‘usual’ enthusiasm. It’s probably because I accept their relationship). In fact, speaking of shipping business; I’m far more intrigued about Tetsurou x Mio and get all pumped up about it.


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