Mykage messed with Kagura’s emotions and riles him up to the point he snaps and lost control of his senses, and Izumo struggles to keep Kagura from escaping Altair. In the mean time, Amata tries to muster up his courage to confess to Mikono.

I feel bad for Izumo who knows Mykage will screw things up, and knew better that Kagura had lost his senses and was in no ‘shape’ to go into the other realm. I’m a bit concerned about Mikono now since Kagura is going on about how he wants to kill her, but we’ve seen before that Kagura’s ‘affectionate vocabulary’ isn’t exactly normal- so maybe I’m worrying too much… then again, this time Mykage is involved so I probably should be quite concerned.
With Mykage’s so-called ‘help’, it seems that Kagura has awakened his true abilities. I find it most fascinating that he now has a pair of wings that allows him to fly- well he was always able to in his uh… mobile suit, but now he looks cooler than ever.
I think Izumo truly loves Alicia as he desperately wishes to protect her from Mykage when that bastard claimed she’s useless. Thanks to that we also learned this episode that Mykage’s goal is not the True Eve or Altair’s feature, but in fact he desires the rebirth of the Machine Angel of Genesis in Vega.
At the same time, we’ve received more details regarding Alicia: One of the important factors is that she had given birth to a child before she was taken to Altair. That child, is probably Amata as we’ve seen several flashbacks from him regarding her disappearance.
I was really worried there for a second when Jin walked away on Yunoha, but I didn’t blame him one bit because he was blushing like crazy. Oh you adorable dork! <3 I was partially sadden that we didn’t get to see more of them this episode, but Kagura certainly made up for it!! Yunoha, you’re such a a sweetheart! Dressing up your frog–err, I mean, cat doll as Alicia!
Oh yes speaking of Jin, I’m so amused how Crea and Zen were like, “Whatever, no problem!” even though they knew he wasn’t the actual transfer student. I burst out laughing at the scene, because here we have everyone (by that I mean those who knows about it) freaking out  meanwhile the heads are like totally chilled.
I’m really curious about what just happened with Zessica when she had touched the mirror. She shared the same ‘vision’ as Kagura when he was about to cry out Sylvie (which by the way was a BEAUTIFUL SCENE! IT MADE MY HEART FLUTTER~).
Overall I’m really looking forward to the next episode! I really am excited to see how Mikono is going to react and such. I find the strange part is, she’s spot on about how Kagura feels and description, “His eyes looks so lonely, like a stray dog.” (…Okay the stray dog part was a bit extreme, but Kagura is the Wild Child, so it’s not like it doesn’t fit- entirely…) She looks and to be incredibly fearful of his presence, especially when she saw him (an illusion at the time) in the water’s reflection replacing Amata’s.


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  1. Bebe

    I love Jin when he blushed- all of him turned red! I was surprised that Zessica saw the vision though- now I’m left wondering.
    But I can tell you, you’re going to hate Mikage even more in episode 12 (it just came out in RAW, and there was a LOT of shipping!). I’m not giving away spoilers, but I know that I hated him even more.

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