Bleach 363: Cleaning the trash

Time to see who is worthy and who is not.


In the span of a single episode we already so many of Xcution defeated, not that it was unexpected. I always felt like the member of Xcution’s power were quite lackluster compared to the strength of the 13 court guard squads.  But what was most impressive about those fight was to see how much everyone improved.


We didn’t see much about Kenpachi, Toshiro or Byakuya, since after all, they are captain and their opponent were simply not worthy of their strength. I’m not sure that Ichigo will actually need Ishida’s help one bit to defeat Ginjo.

What I was most hyped and surprised to see was Renji in action. What the hell happened to him ! He used to be strong, he had a bankai and everything, but now it is simply ridiculous. Yes Jackie was a real weakling, but she was still able to break mountains with her hits. Renji took the blow like they were nothing, he didn’t train lightly that is for sure. But he said he was training to one day fight Aizen, if that is his objective, he still has a really long way to go. But still, Renji has reach the level of a captain, that is for sure, he has strength that seem close to what Ichigo had when he fought against Ulquiora. That’s not just a small accomplishment. I really wonder what happened during all that time, because I would not be surprised to learn that they have finally filled the Captain spots, after all Renji and Ikkaku can manage a Bankai, not only that, but the Visor might have retaken some of their spot now that they have fought alongside the 13 court guard squads once again. I’m not certain that we will know that for sure before the Hiatus, but I sure would love to.

This was something

In other news, the fight between Rukia and Rurika is boring as hell and I highly doubt anything interesting will happen between those two, they don’t seem to have any will to fight, even if they should actually at least try. I don’t know if Rukia is still useless or if she can actually do something now, but we certainly won’t know if all she does is catch plush. On the other hand, Ikkaku sure looked awesome by replacing is dislocated arm using only his muscles. I was divided on the matter, half of me was profoundly disturbed, half absolutely amazed. I’m not sure I want to ever see that again though.


This episode was alright, but since it was an episode where only the trash fighter were taken out, it was a little subpar to the epic fight that are sure to follow, there is still some boring fight to witness before we can see Ichigo take on Ginjo, but it is alright, we don’t have to rush all the fun at once after all.

ZeroG signing off

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  1. It was great to see the 13 Court Guard Squads stronger than ever. Oh and SPOILERS I can’t wait to see Tsukishima get a hole driven through his chest in the show…

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