Brave 10 Episode 10 – Fate’s Design

Needless to say…but this is another “about to be kidnapped” scene.


The Iga League of Five confronts the Sanada Braves to get their hands on Isanami and Kushimitama.


I could barely pay attention to this episode, with all its cheesy internal conflict and boring dialogue.

Retrospect galore. Isanami gallivants off to be emo, and everyone sits around for her to come around. The fact is, the number of characters don’t quite add up. I know that they writers are trying to be clever by having the League of Five fight the Brave Ten, and this is supposed to be a shocking revelation, but it just feels like some kind of half-baked build-up to a miserably predictable climax in the next two episodes. Two against one in my books is cheating, thank you very much. Some might call it “teamwork,” but overall, it just ends up being bad shonen show. With breasts. And many ninja.

Oukatsu’s sister appears as one of the Five in this episode, and seeks revenge against the Benmaru and Ishida…am I the only one uncomfortably reminded of the way Naruto tapered off into horrible plots and nonsensical fighting- but before that, you had a lot of hope for it to not fall into the shitty-shonen trap? This is that exact moment, but what took Naruto to get to in 40 volumes, Brave 10 slaughtered in a matter of episodes. The thing is, even the so-called male/female fanservice doesn’t even exist in this show. Big breasts? Bishonen? Not interested in them anymore (at least in this show).

Brave 10 HAS A GODAWFUL SOUNDTRACK. I knew this from the first impression that this was not going to be too spectacular in that regard. I readily accepted the auto-tuned OP and ED, and the terrible quality of anime production, and complete lack of regard for creative story-telling, but this is the last straw. The fight scene between Hanzou and Saizo? It opens with this jarring 80s-ish techno beat with piano notes, and all you can think is maybe Adblock failed and some ad popped up. When you look for a way to turn off the music, that’s when you realize that the horrid sounds is coming from the show itself. Soundtracks are supposed to add to the experience, not distract you from and make you want to turn off the show.

Safe to say, I’m looking forward to this show ending. >_>


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