High School DxD episode 10: The X rated game has begun

The rating game has begun and we can finally see the power of the Gremory Family.


I’m not sure what to think of this episode, On one hand the fights were really awesome and Issei’s ability too, but on the other, I just don’t feel the overall way this game is working. The Strategy involved seem kind of stupid, I just don’t understand the grand scheme of the game or how it makes sense. But, of course, as soon as I forget about stupid plans and I focus a little more on naked girls, suddenly the episode seemed a lot better than it used to a second before.


Issei for harem king

We already had a good idea what Issei’s ultimate ability would be, but now it is simply overkill. He has the power to put a curse on a girl so she remains eternally naked? That is just too powerful a power for any man to have. PERMENANTLY NAKED, those pheonix girl may be reborn as many time as they wish, they will always be clothes-less and defenseless against the perverted gaze of Issei. He has mastered the ultimate power, the power of a King !


He finally found paradise

Koneko-chan didn’t do much to help things either, with her constant tsundere attitude and her strange ability to constantly have her clothes cut to pieces without taking a single scratch on her body. She was caught in an explosion and I don’t know what her panties are made of, but they sure were resistant, same goes for her unburned skin.


Issei's ability will be less effective on her

Also, have you seen those pictures? Is it me or are they even hotter than usual? Anyway, back to the “important” part.


Issei finally looks cool and confidant, it is a nice change. I was getting tired of his whinny bitch attitude, I love that he is such a pervert, but he never had the guts to take actions to see his dream come true. Now he can finally unveil his true hidden power of perversion. You can see all his confidence when he fight against the 3 pawns, he ran a little, but overall he was confident that he would get them all naked, that was the best part of the episode.


He is a real man now


Akeno is incredibly strong, no wonder she is a Queen, she destroyed the whole gymnasium in a single lightning strike, the fact that she enjoyed it thoroughly and seemed turned on by it was even better. I could smell her excitement through my screen. But she is not the only Queen on the playing field anymore and things are (hopefully) about to get really messy. Of course this show is more focused on ecchi and humour than anything else, so I don’t expect any servant of Rias to actually die, but if it were to happen, it would be kind of awesome. It would be an unexpected event at the very least.



I can hear it dripping from here

I want to see next episode, but not because I want to see where this battle is going, I don’t give a fuck about that, I want to see Issei uses his power again, and again…and again.


ZeroG signing.

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