High School DxD episode 9: Training Time



This episode was not as funny as the previous one, not as ecchi as the previous one, but the story progression was there and that is what is important…right?



Issei speciality is a bit unoriginal and stupid, but I like it anyway, I feel like it is an incredible power in his world of lust and sexy devil chicks.  The power of ecchi; it reminds me of MM!, but with less glorious Super Sayan powers. I can already see it, Issei ripping the clothes off of every female adversary he encounters, shooting lazor beam of doomz to finish them off. With the power of ecchi, anything is possible ! You know how mother will become impossibly strong to protect their child? Well man can become impossibly stubborn and powerful if they have a chance to breed. It is part of our instinct, after all.

Now to return to the subject at hand, Issei is really good with magic when he is able to “visualize” stuff in his head. He would only have to tell Rias or Asia that for his power to work he needs boobs and I’m sure they would gladly volunteer for the job. Asia is such a bad sister, even if she loves the Bible so much, you can’t just go around and be willing to undress for just any boy just because they “need it for their training”.  What a good excuse that his though: “Could you show me your boobs so I can protect anyone, become really powerful and save the day?”. He just needs to add “please” at the end and Asia will be naked in the blink of an eye.

This episode was a little empty in term of jokes, there were some light and funny moments, but overall everything was either boobs or serious business story development. Now we know how the rating game came to be, but I’m still confused as to why they exist. Devils wants to avoid war at all cost because they don’t reproduce real fast, so instead they fight each other to death in funny competition? I’m not sure I completely grasp the political reason for such games. but what I know is this, shit is going down in just a few episode.

Rias revealed that the phoenix family have a common power that grant them immortality, while this makes their coming fight much more difficult, it also makes me wonder. If the Phoenix family have a common power, does that mean that the Gremory Family also share a common power? If so, I think it was not revealed yet and I am interested to learn what it could be. Otherwise, it means that the Phoenix family are cheaters, so they deserve to lose the next rating game, even if they are the one with the most hot devil chicks among their rank.


I’m looking forward to see how prepared to the rating game the family can be and if Issei can actually become powerful and not just a perverted weakling.

ZeroG signing off

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