Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 10: Lost Partner

…There was no better death flag than Siesta cheerfully talking about how they would all return home safely, fight over the bed and age together. I’m shocked. I really am. Are you sure I’m not watching Another?


The Pope summons Louise, Saito and Tiffania to Romalia to combat a world crisis – an Ancient Dragon has appeared near Romalia, and has already destroyed the once-picturesque city of Aqualeia, with its miasma corrupting the minds of the nearby dragons and putting them under the Ancient Dragon’s control. When the void users try to subdue the Dragon at a valley on the way to Romalia, they are put at a disadvantage after it takes over the mind of Julio’s dragon – and Saito loses his partner sword Derflinger as he tries to block one of the Dragon’s beam shots. Left with no choice, the Pope sacrifices himself to push Julio out of harm’s way, and is eaten and killed by the Dragon.


I could have done without the ED straight after what just happened, I’m still reeling from the shock right now. Just to confirm, I was watching Zero no Tsukaima, right? The harem ecchi show with a tsundere for the female lead, an overall fantasy comedy anime?


I never thought something like this would happen. I mean, weren’t they supposed to combine their Void powers and triumph over the dragon? Wasn’t it supposed to be a happy ending, with everyone still alive and a harem fanservice treat for the last episode? I should have noticed something from all the talk of Julio’s life and interactions with the Pope, but what I totally didn’t expect was that he would so easily give his own life up to save Julio. He hid Saito’s Lifdrasil limitation from him, and looked like he only cared about things in the long run, but I’m feeling bad about being wary of him all along, since that sacrifice was probably the first kind thing we’ve seen him do. Assuming he did actually die, of course.

However, Derflinger shattering was definitely the emotional point of the episode. I have this suspicion that Derflinger knew he couldn’t withstand that blast, but seeing as they would die any other way (remember, Julio’s dragon has been mind raped by now) the only option was to sacrifice himself. As someone who’s watched ZnT all the way back from Season 1 to right now, Derflinger’s always been part of Saito’s attire, and I’d hoped he would always stay that way. I think I’ve been taking him for granted all this time, even though he’s just a sword I feel as if a main character’s just been killed off – it’s not the same without him being there, you know? I can’t imagine what Saito or Julio would be feeling right now – we only have Louise and Tiffa left in fighting condition, and their emotional state is dependant on Saito’s anyway.

This Ancient Dragon seems like a proper threat – the miasma it emits converts dragons to creepy minions, and what was once a town as beautiful as Venice got reduced to…that. I really hope a deus ex machina doesn’t miraculously solve this whole incident, since I’m actually enjoying this setup and hoping that there’s a good story I can get out of it.

We have two episodes left, and already I can tell that this will be one hell of an arc, probably the most epic in all four seasons of ZnT so far, especially because of the real threat on a worldwide scale. We’re down to two Void users, one of which (presumably) died a horrible death – all stakes are off now. Even I don’t feel safe to claim that Saito will make it out of this alive.

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  1. First, i would like to say i read all your Zero no Tsukaima F reviews, and also would like to thank you for all those reviews o/. It’s the first time i comment, kind of because of my laziness hahaha.
    Anyway, first of all i would like to say this episode shocked me a lot as well, there was SO much emotion in this episode: Louise talking to Saito trying to persuade him to not use his new power because it would threaten his life, Saito deciding to use it despite knowing this and also Julio’s face as the Pope sacrificed himself to save him.
    I was also thinking there was something else going on with the Pope since he appeared in the first episode, which proved to be true, in the last episode and episode 3(i think?). Anyway, seeing him sacrifice himself for Julio was a little bit unexpected.

    But i MUST say, the most stunning emotional point of this episode( not to say one of the most emotional parts of the entire series) was Derflinger’s death. REALLY, that scene brought me to tears, the whole talk they had before Derf being shattered in pieces was really touching, despite small. I mean, he was like Saito’s best friend during the entire series, i kind of always felt like he was one of the main characters of ZnT, i mean, despite everything in the series, Derf was always there for him and Louise… and his apparent death made me a bit sad… ;; Anyway, hope they find a way to somehow bring him back.

    Watching the prequel, i feel like more emotional stuff will be coming up next episode, will be sure to comment that as well.

    1. i expect that pope will rise as evil man…as for starter,i never trust that man..he seem to have another intentions..

    2. Yeah, emotional situations is quite unusual for a mostly-comedy show like ZnT, so it was good that they carried it out right. Actually the vast majority of this season has been really successful, with hardly any filler compared to S3.

      Derflinger coming back would be awesome, it’s not the same without him as Saito’s partner. Hopefully his “death” has some significance though.

      As for the Pope becoming evil, I can see why you’d say that given what happened to the dragons being mind controlled and all that. He was kinda…eaten however, so I dunno.

      1. that one thing..i been thinking,..what if that pope is the mastermind behind of this disaster?

  2. OMFG I CHILLED SO FCKING HARD THE ENTIRE ENDING I FELT IT ON MY SPIN SO MUCH EPIC WIN THIS EPISODE I WISH THEY COULD MAKE MORE LIKE THIS ONE, I’M STILL CHILLING FROM IT O.O the only thing to cry about is the death of Derf, i never liked the pope so i don’t care to his death, but aw my spin was high chilling when Derf said his goodbye o.O”

    1. IKR? Given Zero no Tsukaima’s not so stellar past reputation, I was actually really pleased at how much action/plot twists there was here.

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