After the tragic mishaps from the last surprised attack and Jin’s death, a funeral is held for the students who were killed. Yunoha struggles with her emotions and Mikono is warned by Fudou that she is at the verge of erasing herself. Then once the burial was done, Fudou orders Andy to dig and announces a special training that will have the students experience being at the verge of death.

I thought I wouldn’t say this, because Jin is definitely dead but this turned out to be a beautiful episode. It made me cry a bit when we heard Jin’s voice and telling Yunoha and the others to continue living. It’s really what they all, especially Yunoha needed to hear.
It was great to see the potential of Mikono’s powers, not to mention visibly as well. I always thought it might remain invisible since the thread that connects to one and another is unseen. I also loved the fact we were able to see her more aggressive side. She didn’t hesitate one bit when it came down to speaking her mind. It was also good to finally see how she feels about Fudou himself. After all, he is a mysterious guy.
I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen though it seems like it’s more or less likely that Mikono will finally get captures (I’m going to laugh if I ever have to say this again for this show), or how Kagura  – in fact I’m really surprised just how calmly he crawled out of the earth. I’m really, genuinely worried about what happened. Mykage had him buried and all with feathers and shit- as you should be well aware already: This guy is up to no good. Therefore I am worried.
HOWEVER! I am curious whether Kagura experienced that connection, but I somehow doubt it because I’m certain that Mikono and the others would have sensed him.
I am really starting to wonder whether Izumo is going to do something. I don’t know what that something is, but I’m really feeling it. He, himself even admitted that what he and Altair has done can never be forgiven. He carries the guilt and shame upon their past actions. So perhaps (though this is incredibly far-fetched) he will free Alicia so that she can somehow return her home. A start of an act to redeem themselves for their actions. The only question would be, how the hell will he get out of there without Mykage knowing plans and interfering. :\ You know what, that would be great to see. I’d like to see EVERYONE- okay so maybe not everyone (because nobody except for those who experienced it first hand knows of just how fucked up Mykage really is) kick that bastard’s ass. Yes, that would be splendid! 
Next week, Zessica will definitely have to step up her game if she wants any chance with Amata, though being selfish is not the answer, it would probably make him angry at her if she were to let his opportunity to save Mikono slip away. I wouldn’t be surprised if she decides to mention what she saw in the mirror, which isn’t much assurance for Amata as he is already worried about Kagura’s precence anyhow.


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