Time to show your move on Kore wa Zombie desu ka? dance off competition !


Orito has finally accepted Ayumu for who he really his, that guy truly is the best of bros. There is no word to describe how good it is to be accepted for who you are, no matter who you are. You know you are best friends when someone is ready to accept that you like to wear magical girl costume and flash your panties in the middle of the school ground. Orito will always be there now for Ayumu, he is ready to sacrifice his talk of gorgeous women so he can stay with his dear pal. Who doesn’t love to see such beautiful moment of friendship !

You need Duct tape, not Duck tape silly

In other news, Ayumu is now definitively in big trouble, he completely ruined Mystletainn, and for good this time. There is no way he can run away from his fame anymore, I wonder how he will cope with all the attention he will receive from now on, I hope he doesn’t mind having his butt stared at too much, because it will now become the new sensation of the whole wide world. At least he demonstrated this episode that he knows how to dance and move that ass so everyone in the world can fantasize having it on their face…isn’t that what people usually fantasize about when they see Ayumu?…no?…of course I don’t do that either…

...I came

Meanwhile Yuki and Haruna are just terrible (or incredible?) at dancing. They managed to nearly kill about half the population of the town, a vampire, a zombie and the strongest necromancer alive with their cursed dance. It is no easy task, they should be awarded a medal for all this. I really wonder what Sara will decide to do with Yuki now, technically she did manage to dance perfectly…just not the right dance, but at the same time Sara did mention that anyone who wanted to die should go to the front row and they did die or close enough. It really is confusing to know what the perverted little bitch will decide to do. She is kind of unpredictable, but I figure that if Ayumu decide he wants to have Yuki stay, she will, since Sara loves Ayumu so much, or at the very least his butt.

I want to know how I can make my penis shine like that, it looks awesome

Ayumu is in a delicate position right now, if some strong megalo or enemy were to appear, he doesn’t have his magical girl power to help him out anymore, he would have to rely only on his zombie abilities, but I think that might not be enough to fight Kyoko once again this time. Of course Euclywood could finish her off easily, but it is always funnier to see Ayumu fight and have panty shot.

Fall to the pink side ! YAOI TIME

I guess we will have the answers to all those questions in the next episode, not that it actually matters, since we are watching this for the lulz anyway, not for the story itself.

ZeroG signing off

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  1. TimesTicking

    It sure is awkward watching those yaoi moments.
    I love watching the Imaginary Eu parts XD

    1. ZeroG

      I never had trouble with yaoi in my anime, since I have trouble imagining any of the male character actually being guys half the time

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