Recorder to Randoseru Episode 14: A Breath of Fresh Air

And so it is time for the second season of Recorder to Randoseru to start- Wait, they don’t even go back to episode 1? They don’t give it a new name? So… I guess this is still the same show? Anyways…

Just keep doing whatever you're doing...Not like you're being watched or anything.


Please note: Zero rage-quit this show since he could not stand redundancies as much as I can, therefore I will now be the only one reviewing this.
It is now time for a new semester to begin! Oh, and look at that, Atsushi is mistaken as a teacher, while Atsumi is mistaken as a genius elementary student who skipped grades. Sayo tries to defend her best friend and does so beautifully, although not the way she had originally planned…

This seems to be much more effective though...


…Am I seeing things right? Originality? New jokes? Atsumi’s small size finally being used in a scene?!?!! WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT, SINCE WHEN DOES THIS SHOW KNOW HOW TO INCORPORATE NEW IDEAS?!

I'm not used to this!!!

Anyways, all this to say that I quite enjoyed this episode. I wasn’t laughing my head off, but it was funny, and for once it wasn’t redundant. Seeing Atsushi mistaken as a teacher was different, and I was mostly quite happy with Atsumi finally being put on the main screen for a while. I’m expecting to see more of her this not new season ???, since she was barely there at all these last 13 episodes.

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