Sankarea Episode 2: Abused Childhood

What a sick fuck – he might not have problems with photographing his naked daughter every year, but I’m sure the government will.



Rea reflects on her abusive past, in which her father took naked pictures of her every year and controlled her life, picking her friends and treating her as his possession. Furuya and Rea try out the hydrangea plant, which has uncommonly known poisonous properties and feeds the potion to Babu, where it seemingly doesn’t have any effect. Furuya decides to bury Babu the next day, but is caught by Wanko as he reaches home. The box suddenly opens and Babu jumps out, and Furuya realizes that he has been successful. At the Sanka mansion, Rea’s father has forbidden her to go outside ever again, and she decides to commit suicide using a bit of the potion she took from Furuya.


I feel so sorry for Rea and everything she’s had to put up with during her childhood. I’m not sure whether her father understands that it’s paedophilia to photograph your daughter’s naked body in a studio every year, but it’s going too far to even frame the photos on the wall. The guy’s a messed up freak that has some kind of obsession with his daughter to the extent that he uses a cheap excuse like measuring growth to eye rape his own daughter. I mean, there was fanservice, but it was so wrong that I didn’t even enjoy it. Shithead needs to be locked up – there is no reasoning, no mentally sane reason to justify what he’s been doing all this time.

It’s not just that either, he’s controlling poor Rea to the extent of sending her friends away when it’s not convenient for him. I don’t know what exactly there is to “understand”, but even he has to have some kind of inkling that what he’s doing IS NOT NORMAL. Sending maids away when they make a mistake, watching Rea through binoculars to monitor her – then when she’s caught sneaking out of the house ONCE, she’s forbidden from leaving ever again. Not even for school. DA FUCK?

I can understand why she’d want to commit suicide – I doubt a lot of people would be able to last too long with this kind of abnormally possessive parent. Other than the girl that was forced to move, Furuya’s her only real friend, and it’s amazing how she becomes so much more cheerful and happy being around him than any other time. She’s willing to go up a cliff to get some hydrangea for him, and would have even falled without Furuya’s help. By the way, that was a very casual “knight in shining armour” moment there Furuya – hehe, moving fast aren’t we? xD

We’re getting a lot of gratuitous Wanko fanservice every week, even more than all the shots of Rea being moe. I mean, she just looks out the window, with absolutely nothing on, not that I’m complaining of course. As for that camera panning across her in the bath – damn you, censorship. Damn you. Why couldn’t this have been aired on AT-X?

So Babu actually got resurrected, just not immediately. What does it mean for Rea then, who was still alive yet drank the hydrangea potion? If it resurrects things, it wouldn’t make sense for her to die after drinking it. I mean, what can go wrong? There’s that cliff in the preview that she’s standing on…and falling off…oh.

0 thoughts on “Sankarea Episode 2: Abused Childhood

  1. Hmmm must comment relating this episode and not go on the manga >.<
    The dad is weird as FFFFUUUUU
    So sad about the friendship between Rea and the other girl (whats her name?).

    1. The dad has some serious mental issues – you can’t ever justify the kind of stuff he did.

      And yeah, Rea’s probably lost all her friends in similar ways too ;( I can’t remember her name xD

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