It’s time for a trip! The enormously small amount of plot we got from last episode followed up in this one, and we can only expect awesomeness out of it this is Acchi Kocchi, after all.



Everyone leaves for the trip! Thus, the train ride turns into a bit of cutesy times between Tsumiki and Io, as well as some stunt training for our awesome playboy.

Because doors are irrelevant.

Next comes a bit of playtime in the river where we learn that Mayoi doesn’t really know how to swim, followed by a short nap for Io and ending the day with a barbeque and firework-shooting. Throughout all this, love flies in the air~~~
And so does Mayoi~~


breathes Ok, now that my fangirling is out, I can be a little more serious. To be honest, this episode was the best of all I’ve seen so far. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through, and the Tsumiki + Io pairing made me go nuts.

I'll forget I'm straight if it's Tsumiki 😀

Tsumiki was uuuuuuuuber adorable. That time when she was with Io… And that other time when she was with Io… Oh, and that time when Io said something adorable to her… Yeah, these guys had TONS of air-time together, and it was about time because I was starting to think the main point of this show wasn’t about their little couple but about Io being a playboy in general and Tsumiki being a cutie-pie in general. We hadn’t really seen them together all that much after the first episode, and bringing this idea back after forgetting about it for a while was a great idea and I loved it.My internal kya-ing level was pretty intense after only 23 minutes… Oh my.

Io fanservice~~

For some reason, it also seems to me like the unpredictable moments of laughter came up incredibly often in this episode. Mayoi caused a lot of them, surpassing herself even more than usual, and whether it was her falling into the river twice or Sakaki throwing Io out the window, I have to say I didn’t expect any of them, and it only made the jokes funnier.
Next week, the trip comes to an end and the summer vacation continues with Summer Homework and awesome festivals! Stay tuned 🙂

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  1. TimesTicking

    So sad that Tsumiki missed her chance to hug him XD
    I laughed nonstop from this episode 😀

    1. Myst

      I LOVED IT!!! Honestly, this episode was so priceless, and definitely the funniest I’ve seen so far out of the whole show (and that’s pretty hard to beat o.o)

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