So that is what happened, that is why Amata and Kagura are two different person. Mikage was behind all this again, he fractured the original Amata’s soul and now he enjoys seeing them both fight for his own pleasure. I still have no idea what is behind Mikage’s mind, but he seems a little twisted.

Oh also, The Legendary Aquarion has now appeared, but no one really care about that right? Oh wait, it is exactly what the show is all about. The only thing still missing for the show to finish is a devicer for this legendary mecha. I guess that somehow the positive and negative side of Amata will have to get together once again and become one to control this old golden machine. I’m not sure how I would react if I learned that I was only one half of my real side and the other me is running around somewhere being my polar opposite. I wonder if I would want to kill him or simply to be reunited with him? After all he is my polar opposite, would I be willing to sacrifice everything that makes me ME in order to become a little more balanced overall? I guess I’ll have to test it out. Now I just need a way to divide my soul.

Zessica is not dead ! Yay ! I knew she wouldn’t be gone just yet, she is too important to disappear 3 episodes before the grand finale. I’m still unsure what her real purpose and her deal with Mikage is, hell she doesn’t even know herself, but I want to find out, I’m sure it will be cruel and beautiful, since everything Mikage does follow that tangent. I’m kind of sad that Zessica will most likely end up forever alone and rejected by the man she loved, even more so since Amata was always such a bitch with her, he never said he was not interest, he kept on asking for her help and giving her attention even though he was not ready to commit. She deserves a better ending, maybe she will be able to have one of Amata’s half? Who knows, I just wish the best to her, she is much more interesting than the boring Mikono.

I’m happy to see that Shrade will meet his demise soon. Don’t get me wrong, I love his character, he is one of the best by far in this show. But he would not be complete if he doesn’t die in the ultimate battle after finishing his final song. After all isn’t that what life is all about? You are born and you die, and this is what makes life, otherwise it is only an accumulation of experience. Shrade character simply wouldn’t be complete and has awesome if he was to survive.

I want to see how this show will end, there is just so much stuff starting to go wrong in the show and so many ways it could end, I’m confident we will witness a happy ending, but what will that happy ending be?

ZeroG signing off