Jormungand episode 4: Death Opera

I am not familiar with this kind of Opera…


Where do I even begin, as much as I love the character of this show, I simply dislike just about everything else about it. I feel like this episode was extremely rushed and anti-climatic with the story. It was only last episode that we got to discover Chinatsu and her master, we were able to see their back story, how they got together, their relationship and their emotions. But only an episode later, both are dead, meaninglessly. Jaws was quite the boring character to be honest, he never even had a name, he was but a role model to make Pantyless more interesting, so I was not that sad when I saw him die, but Chinatsu was really a profound character, she had an amazing background, she was skilled, she had an eccentric personality and she had just so many personality issues. She had everything to be part of Koko’s crew, but instead she died in vain on the rooftop of some random hotel.

I'm surprised he even managed to live that long, that guy was too reckless for this world

It was really fun to learn more about her, but it now feel all so pointless since she is already dead. DAM IT ALL, I WAS JUST ABOUT TO BE ABLE TO ALWAYS REMEMBER HER NAME RIGHT! I’m especially pissed when the character I just manage to remember their name dies. Especially when the character is a young beautiful girl that runs around pantyless and shoot people like a pro. I wish there were more pervert on Koko’s team, oh well.

Note taken, when going commando you become a better Commando

Another thing that piss me off about this episode is that we didn’t get to hear what Koko said to Chinatsu ! We just know that Koko might be even crazier than we previously thought. But since the only thing I care about in this show are the characters, it is frustrating when the only thing that is not shown in the episode is the character development you actually want to see to begin with ! I could care less about the name of every single gun, I could care less about explosion and accidents and people who somehow survive unscathed of a car crash after being shot by a machine gun. I want to know the story of everyone, why they are there, why they are doing what they are doing and who exactly is Koko and why she is so powerful. Those are the questions that interest me and I don’t like to have my curiosity cock blocked so much. I’m sure the show will be awesome at some point, but I just fear that everything will happen too fast and that we will therefore lose the opportunity to really create a deep connection with most characters.

Koko is scary...that is why I love her

Hopefully everything will turn out for the best in the next few episode and I will be proven wrong to worry about those things.


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