The main villain is finally revealed ! Who would have guessed that Miss.Fairy was such a powerful mahou shoujo and that she would become Ayumu’s enemy ! After all, in the first season the first main antagonist was certainly not someone close to Ayumu, someone he trusted and wanted to date. It sure is new, original and unexpected to see something like this happen out of nowhere.

I don't understand this either

While I might be a little sarcastic, I must admit that I was not expecting some random boring old teacher to be a magical girl in disguise, especially not our rainbow puking fairy friend. It was a little surreal how things happen, there are still some part I can hardly believe. I was not expecting there would be a link between multiple events in the past few episode, I was not expecting there would be some kind of twist and related meaningful events. I usually take everything that happens in the show with a grain of salt, I rarely bother trying to understand the underlying way the story is slowly unfolding, so it is not so surprising that I am surprised of the sudden turn of event.

Even without her armour on, she turns me on with her cuteness alone

In completely different news, EU TALKED ! OH MY GOD! I’m not sure I understand or if it actually makes any sense that she can suddenly talk again, but she is soo cute. But to be honest, I think she was even cutter when she was mute, there was just some kind of charm to it. Now do I like the fact that out of nowhere she can suddenly talk and no one seem all that surprised or happy about it? of course no I don’t. But this is Kore wa Zombie desu ka?, things are not supposed to make sense or follow some regular pace. It is not that usual for this show to have things happen out of nowhere and for sudden change of story to occur without any warning, but this is what the show is all about to begin with.


Another thing that surprised me to the highest level this episode was to see Seraphim dress up as a High Schooler and then she wear cat ears? I know that she is only pretending to be  such a disgusting and hateful girl, she plays her role of Tsundere really well, but I was not expecting her to be THIS cute deep inside. I’m sure she wasn’t expecting to be used as a sexual stimulant either. Orito had no chance, even I from the far comfort of my home and reality, I was unable to resist from the unbelievable sight of Sera with Cat ears.

I have no idea what kind of fucked up story this show will come up with next, but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed with the randomness they will come up with.

ZeroG signing off

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  1. TimesTicking

    Shit finally went down on this episode XD
    I never expected the rainbow puking girl to be the bad guy O.o

    1. ZeroG

      She doesn’t seem like such a bad guy even know anyway, she still looks more like a cute rainbow puking fairy than a monster

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