I’m amazed with this episode, it was really great. I was not expecting something like that from Kore wa Zombie desu ka. I’m not even sure where to begin, so let’s start with Sara.

I have no idea what happened to that girl,  but Sarasvati is now a completely different person. She is still a complete sadist on stage, but her attitude with Aikawa changed dramatically. She was so cute, still super selfish, but cute nonetheless. Cute is not a word I thought I would have used one day to describe her, but while I wanted to put her in jail previously with the way she acted, now I want to give her a big hug instead. She might be pushy and borderline forceful, but she has such a simple charm to her. Because of her confidence she has this sexiness and you really want to love her.

The next surprisingly awesome thing that was introduced this episode was the relationship between Villier and the Underworld. Both of those world were only put into the background of the show before and they were never really explained, but now not only have we gained a bit more information about both of them, we are told that they were at war in the past and Eucliwood was the leader of the Underworld and she had 7 knights fighting for her. We were even introduced to some of those knights. This is just epic storytelling, if the show was any serious this would be a great basis for some epic medieval war and adventure anime. I really hope we’ll be lucky enough to be told even more about this fantasy story, because it really sounds great.

Not only were we told a little about the past, but we have yet another new character added to the already huge roster of Kore wa zombie desu ka. Naegleria Nebiros, or Nene, is a nice addition to the show I believe, since we were still missing a messy, big breasted, carefree and perverted old nee-san.  She doesn’t seem like a potential love interested, she is simply confident with her body and she doesn’t mind using it to her advantage. Now, I was not expecting to see her having a fun time with Chris at the end of the episode, that was an unexpected turn of event that I greatly appreciated. It makes everyone’s relation with each other much more complex and interesting. But I wonder if this will end in a giant brawl or if Chris will only be tickled to submission. Knowing the satire nature of the show, the second option as a greater chance of happening.

ZeroG signing off