ED plays NO, NO NO! Where is it…my love confession…



The girls head to an island off the mainland of Tokyo for a trip to the beach, and take the train to Tokyo, changing to travelling by boat for the last leg of the journey. All the while though, Saki ponders on whether she is really willing to leave the rest of the girls and move to Tokyo.

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Back there, what was Natsumi going to say to Saki? I have this inkling that she was actually going to confess, and the reason that she’s been against Saki moving and is so willing to stand up to her father for her is because she’s in love with her. Yuri pairing incoming! In that kind of situation, there’s no way it’d be as anticlimatic as something like “Because I’m your friend”, and by the look on Saki’s face I could tell that she might have caught on to it as well. Emotional Natsumi is emotional ;_; She’s probably unwilling to say it because it’d change their relationship forever, especially as the chances of Saki staying are near nothing right now. Damn you Yuka, you ruined what was to be a beautiful confession scene by the sea in the early hours of the morning.

Beach episodes are common in anime, and it seems Natsuiro Kiseki isn’t an exception to that – but what I’ve never seen before is an episode devoted to the trip TO the beach, in contrast to when they’re actually ON the beach with all that volleyball playing and watermelon bashing etc. Trust them to make an episode on the ship interesting though, if only because I kept waiting to see what crazy thing Yuka would do next. And of course, the rock just had to be mentioned despite them being in the middle of the ocean xD

As we get closer and closer, the show’s making it even more obvious that it’s not just us that don’t want Saki to leave, but the rest of the girls and definitely Saki herself. All the time she was even more gloomy that she usually is, and it’s evident that she’s disturbed to the point of having dreams of another girl replacing her in the group.

If that’s not adding fuel to the fire, her dad is really happy about moving, which makes it even harder for Saki to speak up and say she doesn’t want to. You have to feel so sorry for her ;_; And once she got to the island, that simple statement about the natives not liking mainlanders must have completely crushed her self-confidence about moving – because obviously, she’ll have to deal with the shift and be accepted in a different place and all that.

I wonder if there’s some way to get around this and have everyone achieve their happy ending, including Natsumi x Saki, of course. stares at big rock expectantly

  • Random Note: I never knew Natsumi was scared of spooky stuff, she’d always seemed like a tougher girl to me. Also Yuka ended up being sick as well, trololol xD