As we all knew would happen, Shrade had his final moments this episode, and they were moments of pure greatness. It really wasn’t a surprised that he did not live to see the end of the episode, but his performance was grandiose and his death was so cool that I am actually glad he died.  His death might have been extremely cheesy like most of the show, but it was epic nonetheless and I have great respect for that.

He finally was able to achieve it, his perfect melody he always dreamed of. He was given every piece of the puzzle before he left this world and by playing his life he was able to help a friend. What an immense sacrifice he was willing to make. He was friendzoned by Cayenne from the very beginning, he was lonely, but he kept his head held up high. Even if his love and passion was rejected by Cayenne, he was still willing to throw his life away to save the guy’s sister. If that is not true passion, I don’t know what is.

The first half of the episode we were able to finally be told the entire legend. I must admit to be a little confused by it. From what I can understand, what I believed to originally be a love triangle turns out to be a bestiality love affair. A little less romantic, but much more interesting in the end. What started as love between an angel and a girl, is now 24 000 years later the love story between a girl and a winged dog. I’m open-minded, but somehow I find it a little less romantic to have  a dog and a girl fall in love together, what started as a cheesy romance is now turning out to be quite the fucked up one. I must admit I was wrong all along about the show, but at the same time I don’t feel so bad about it, If we disregard the fact that Amata is the reincarnation of a dog and that Zessica is now controlled by a dark angel that want to take his revenge from 24 000 years ago…

Speaking of which, that was totally not creepy. To have Mikage take control of Zessica was not something I expected, but it will make things so much more interesting. Mikage felt betrayed when his brother in arm left him for someone else, now he has the perfect set up to have is revenge and I’m sure that Amata will have a hard time to decide who he wants to be with. He loves Mikono because he is destined to her, but Zessica is such a sexy and beautiful lady, she might be hard to resist. Also, isn’t it a little creepy that Mikono is the reincarnation of Alicia, Amata’s mother, and that Amata is essentially in love with his mother? Also Amata is a dog. This is some weird incestuous bestiality romance here.

On a final note, BIG HURAY FOR THE NEW ENDING ! I absolutely hated the last one and now we are back to something incredible. It was so discouraging to finish an awesome episode only to be rewarded with an incredibly boring and hear ripping song. At long last I can actually enjoy some great music to finish it off.

ZeroG signing off

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  1. hmm

    Also, isn’t it a little creepy that Mikono is the reincarnation of Alicia, Amata’s mother, and that Amata is essentially in love with his mother?

    ^Except not. His mother is alive and in a coma on Altair, she played Sylvia in a movie but Mikono is Sylvia’s actual reincarnation.

    1. ZeroG

      oh alright, I did misunderstood it would seem. Thank you for the clarification, it makes things a little less weird suddenly.

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