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So much love flying around this episode, I was afraid I’d get pregnant just from watching the episode.  With Andy chasing after Mix, Amata being reunited with his parents right before they die, Cayenne avenging his secret gay lover Shrade, Izumo is trying to protect Alicia and Kagura is trying to keep Mikono for himself. That is a lot of love right there. The only one who is not falling for anyone right now is Mikage, that angel is always to busy scheming to develop any kind of attachment to anyone.

It really was no surprise to find out who Amata’s true parents were, there were already so many clues that it was really hard to miss them. It was a little dull that both Alicia and Izumo died the same episode just second after seeing their son for the first time in ages. There is a limit on how cheesy you can make something before it gets simply ridiculous, that was going over that limit. I would have understood if Izumo died one episode and her mother the other, but now they died about 3 minutes apart and they came together in the after life to wander in the infinity of the cosmos. It might have been a “little” overdone, maybe?

I’m not even sure why I was expecting anything else from this, the show had always been this way, yet I somehow hoped for something a little more realistic and less Disney-like. I can’t even complain too much about the episode because it was emotionally filled with awesomeness, even with everything overdone, I was still avidly following the episode and I liked it nonetheless.

It is nice to see the connection between the two world, as the legendary Aquarion escaped from one world to the other, their situation changed drastically. Vega is destroying itself and meanwhile on Altair everything is coming back together. The animals have come back, Alicia has woken up and Mixy is slowly regained huge boobs…and her memories. The curse of Altair is dissapearing slowly, now will both world become one once again? or will Vega simply shatter and Altair will become the new Heaven? Well, that’s an easy question. The show is so predictable that I can guarantee everything will be for the best in the end. Amata and Kagura will become one and date Mikono, both world will be reunited, Mix will be a girl again and everyone will live happily ever after.

There are still 2 episodes to go before we see the end of this story, the only thing I’m still eager to see is what will happen with Mikage, that betrayer has not said his last word and I’m sure he’ll find a way to make everything way more difficult than it has to be. I want to see what he can do and just how twisted that guy can still be.

ZeroG signing off