Kingdom episode 3: the King without a Kingdom


The episode was good, but I’m starting to have a feeling that this show will be really slow-paced. I’m not sure  if it is because everything is still being introduced, or if it is only a temporary slower pace for the epic to come. But right now I find kind of ordinary that during the second episode Shin killed a guy, and it took a whole other episode just to escape using the secret passage. I know that it is important for Shin to resolves his issues with the king and that character development is a main element in many shows, but now it just feels like it is taken to the extreme.

This story is a historical reenactment, I want to know what happens. A king and a slave working together to conquer a country? that sounds awesome, I want to know more about that, I’m glad that Shion won’t just get over Hyou’s death after a small talk, but I wish the fighting over it wouldn’t be the center of the episode for 2 episodes straight. Something tells me that it will change for the best, but I cannot help but to be a little pessimist about those things.

But it is still the very beginning of this show and who knows what kind of epicness will follow from it, but right now we are still presented some of the major player (or what I believe what will be major players) in the story. We got to finally really understood who was the handsome sensei who took Hyou in. It was already clear that the guy was some kind of Lord or General, but we didn’t knew how close and loyal he was to the king. Turns out he was his teacher and all, also turns out he is supposedly dead. But I must admit that I somehow doubt that part. As of yet character have an uncanny ability to fake their death by different means, I would not be surprised if the King and everyone else where to find him at the rendez-vous point just like it was supposed to be. After all, the guy does have his own portrait during the commercial break, one would expect to see him appear in the future.

Currently the show is mostly about the King and Shin running away together and finding away for the king to survive and regain his power, but I sure hope that al 32 episodes won’t be about that and that soon enough the story will be more war oriented and less about survival in the forest.

ZeroG signing off

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