Binbou-Gami ga! ep 4; my life as a mashocist puppy

This week on Binbou-gami ga~an episode where someone finally manages to get some fortune out of Ichiko! Also boobies


This weeks episode focuses yet again on a key aspect of the show. Is Ichiko really a brutish egotistical bitch or is she someone who’s very lonely and has no friends?

The episode starts with Momiji going fishing. The pervy priest finds her like this and explains he won’t be leaving town until she does, and then doesn’t put up or shut up so I pretty much ignore his bullshit. The key thing here is that she’s fishing for a tool to get rid of Ichiko’s fortune. Turns out, she’s fishing up her masochistic dog god friend Momou. S&M occurs (no seriously) for a good two minutes after this point. It’s explained that as he feels more and more pleasure he changes from his human form to his true god form, that of an adorable ass puppy that I want to pet and perhaps feed things to …

Momiji’s plan is to get Momou to throw Ichiko off guard as a small dog. (and it’s lampshaded in this episode that at the end of episode 2 she said she’d be taking care of Ichiko) The plan seems like it might work, but if you guys know the show by this point you know Ichiko is way too suspicious and way too lucky for most things to happen to her.

Momou manages to get into Ichiko’s house through the power of adorable whining (and the help of a landlord). Unfortunately Ichiko’s luck is so freaking outlandish that even in her sleep she punches him away and he can’t get most of her fortune. He notices during the day that her affection for Suwano makes her seem like a different person, and thinks that if she could just show an ounce of the affection she has for Suwano to everyone else things would be different.

He ends up using a cursed item that manages to…gasp, GIVE ICHIKO BAD LUCK! Her house is nasty and so she called the cleaners, well the box containing all of her letters to Suwano got knocked off her table and so the dumbass cleaning ladies threw it away. I mean seriously her house was a wreck but who throws away a decorative box with stuff in it? Are you fucking stupid? Well, I think they lampshade that too as one of the girls even questioned if she needed to throw out Momou too.

The big question of the series seems to be, is Ichiko a bitch or something more? Ichiko’s attractiveness and intelligence seems to work out for her in the general sense. Men admire her and her grades are astounding. But in reality every girl hates her for the admiration she receives, and every boy seems to suck up to her without knowing her true self. I believe the point of the series is that Ichiko wants to be loved and cared for genuinely, but she has no way of telling anyone how to do that. People like her, but no one seems to care like Suwano does. He is genuinely compassionate towards her and Ichiko only seems to receive blind admiration.


why yes i am casually inserting boob shots into psychological discussions
That’s not to say Ichiko is flawless. I think the other point is that everyone who wants to take her fortune from her only persists because her attitude towards being less than special is extremely self centered. She’s selfish, but also normal. Basically she’s the average teenage girl who gets to be the pretty princess she wants. Again, I’m hoping that Momiji and Ichiko will become friendlier as the season goes on, and perhaps stay together always trying to ruin each others days XD

Anyway, Momou takes pity on Ichiko who is very hurt and sad to lose her letters from Suwano. He even tells Momiji that he’s just not sure which side of her is the real side. Of course, then she gives him a bath and shows him affection for being kind enough to kind the box in a dumpster for her so SHE TURNS HIM INTO HIS REAL FORM AND THEN HITS HIM REPEATEDLY WITH A TUB. I see why they’re all so conflicted.

I approve of this episode. I’m glad to see the continued development for Ichiko and I hope Momiji will get that too. But I already love Momiji, it’s Ichiko I think the show is trying to slowly sell us while Momiji is the main course we really like.

See you next week!..and yet again…. boobies!



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