Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai episode 4: Lies


Hey guys, I have a feeling that Ryosuke really is the genius at the school. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT ! The “mystery” is not even one, everyone knows how things will go with Ryosuke and Lisara, but this show was never really about deep mystery and serious plot anyway. Still, it is kind of painful to see Lisara search around like a maniac when she already has the one she was looking for. Why must she be so a shame to have found a perversion genius? Yes it means she will be constantly groped and she will have to deal with the constant sexual harassment that comes with it, but at least she will be all-powerful and have the respect of her peers.

But beside that, I was certainly not expecting Iria to be such a cheater. I was certain her boobs were real and natural, that it was her only redeeming quality, but it seems that even there she is cheating and doesn’t come close to the greatness she pretends to be. Mina can finally feel relieved, she definitively has the biggest boobs and hers are 100% natural, she still have monopoly on the huge goods that Ryosuke love.

Meanwhile, Kyuru seems to be having the hots for Ryosuke, which is a little weird considering the guy is a huge pervert and has more interest in boobs than anything else in life. But he is the main character, so I can kind of understand how he has to be the center of attention if some kind of harem is to form. But I still think that his honesty isn’t all that sexy anyway, it is really hard to believe that from all the guys at the school, there must be someone at least a little better than that poor stupid guy.

This episode we also got to learn about Merlot a little, at the very least the guy was mentioned. I have no idea what is involved with him, but I have a feeling that the guy that keep spying on Lisara is that Merlot guy and that he might end up being the bad guy here. We’ll most likely have the answer to that question soon enough, but we don’t really care about that.


What we do care about is all the naked ladies and the sexy scene in the girl changing room, that was awesome!

I’ll leave it at that…

ZeroG signing off

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