Animation & Art

 This show art and animations were both incredible beyond imagining. It was so beautiful that I sometime wondered if I was not looking into a projection of my mental fantasy of how I would like to see the show. The art was top notch, it was worth a thousand A’s. There is not much to say about it, because there is no constructive criticism to be made. It was excellent, end of the line, I cannot possibly see how it could even get better.


Rating 10/10


 Many characters were into this show. There were 7 main fighter and their servants. Right there we already reach 14 main and secondary characters, but there were many supporting character that were mixed to the fight directly or not. Even with so many characters, the show somehow managed to give us a good look at each and every one of them.


The main focus was put on Irisvield and Kiritsugu, but all characters had their moment in the spotlight. While some characters were made more memorable than others, they had all very different and interesting personalities, therefore it was certain that you would love at least one of them. Because of those interesting and many character, it helped support the already great story the show had. Unfortunately, since there were so many character, some of them could have been explored a bit more and therefore I can’t give a perfect score, but it was close to one.

 Rating 9/10

 Original Sound Track & Opening/Closing theme:

 Oh music music, sweet music to my hears. All 4 intro/outro of the show were really great and they were always competing as the best of each seasons they were in and it wasn’t for nothing. The songs were melancholic and quite melodic. They were always able to support well the episode which preceded them, it gave a great conclusion to every episode.


But even though the song were all so beautiful and fun to listen to, there was none of them that I would go and listen to in loop in the future, they were all great opening and ending, but nothing memorable.

Rating: 8/10


 This is where the show gets most of its point. The story was compelling, it was intriguing and it was deep both in character and emotions. There were twist everywhere along the path for the grail and it rarely happened that you could easily see some outcome (even if you saw Fate/Stay Night).
The story was fun to follow, there were people dying left and right, how could we ask for more ! Actually I can ask for more and I will. I feel like the story could have been expanded on more. We’ve seen some of the challengers backgrounds, but some of them were barely alive long enough for us to know them. The Grail War also happen to have lots of rule and interesting story that were not covered in the show, and I’m not talking about the future wars that are covered in the sequels.


Even beside the actual universe of Fate/Zero, the story itself was really traditional, by that I mean that there are many shows about competition and fighting like those and Fate/Zero was nothing too different from those. While the story was excellent, there was still room for improvement, therefore we’ll go with 9/10, just because I don’t like the number 10.

Rating 9/10


Overall Entertainment Value

 The show was epic, that is the best way to describe how I felt while watching it. The show was a great balance of just anything it could be. There was great art, great music, great character and a great story. While none of those were the best I’ve ever seen, they were all great and really close to be the most amazing thing ever. And a combination of everything good makes something even better. The show was entertaining, sometimes sad, sometimes epic, sometimes intriguing. It had everything to keep you hooked and it is a good thing, since otherwise most people would have stopped following after the epic cliffhanger of the first season.

Rating: 9/10


 In the end, the show was just as close to perfect as something can be. It was enjoyable for my ears, my eyes and my brain. I guess the only part of my body who could have been more entertained was my penis, but the show had no ecchi and it wasn’t bad for it either.

If you haven’t watched Fate/Zero, watch it now, it is worth your time. If you did watch it, go back and watch it again, it is still worth your time.

Final Rating: 9/10

 ZeroG signing off

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  1. KM

    The anime is fantastic. The animation is beyond awesome. The music is heart-tingling – and don’t get me started on the story. This is good.


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