Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita episode 2: Headless CEO

That chicken sure knows how to live



I cannot find words impressive enough to express how amazed I am with this show. This is randomness and seriousness mixed together like I have never seen before. I was certainly not expecting so much from Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, it is blowing my mind and I explode of laughter everytime I watch it.

Why do all fairies have a Hitler moustaches?

Whether it is from the picture book of the Assistant or the simple fact that the mysterious factory was run by conscious headless chickens, this show never ceases to amaze me and to amuse me at the same time. Humanity Has Declined has such a serious tone, yet this very tone is made fun of by so many weird and funny elements. But even those funny elements are rather intelligent because of its symbolism.

What a cute and amusing story, Geoff is such a prankster

For example, we have the director and manager of FairyCo. The guy has no idea who his subordinates are, he has never seen his boss, he doesn’t know how anything works in the factory and he doesn’t care about any of it either. All he wants is to get a better position in the industry and to move up the ladder. He doesn’t take interest in the actual functioning and well-being of the industry. So long as he can climb up and get a more prestigious position, he couldn’t care less about the rest.

Oh shit, not responsibilities again !

Even worse, the investigation scared the hell out of the director, especially since he was asked to take responsibility for the problems the company caused. Of course he was unaware what the problem was and probably had no clue it was going on to begin with, but he knew he would receive the blame for it anyway. Yet when the investigation was about to go up to the chairmembers, he quickly changed sides and decided to help the investigation, since he would most likely get a promotion and move up in the world by doing so. Suddenly the blame he was so ashamed of was a source of empowerment for him, he could use it to his advantage to make someone else who is more responsible than him take the punishment for the action and of course benefit from their loss at the same time.

This looks like the map of any decent industry

It is kind of an interesting concept to have headless chickens be chairmen of a company. It seems the show has something to say about the intelligence of big business administrators. Another nice remark was the grandfather’s comment about how Sardines and Jams might have become cognizant too, but were simply unable to express their intelligence. There are many steps of manipulation and transformation in everything we eat nowadays,it is as if to say that we transform our food so much that they might very well become sentient once again after we’ve put everything in them.

You know you should wash your hair when  it becomes alive

My favorite part of the episode was by far when the Assistant started shooting the chickens in slow motion, with Ave Maria playing in the background. It had the epicness of an american action film grand finale, but with nothing workng as it should. The chickens were jumping into machines to become canned food. In the end, the trapped chickens tried to jump down the cliff and to start flying like they always dreamed to. It is so sad that chickens can’t fly, even less when they are featherless.

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