Himeko, Iori, Taichi, Yoshifumi and Yui are all first-year students who have ended up without a club for various reasons, and so they’ve formed their own Student Cultural Society. When Yoshifumi and Yui turn up one day claiming to have swapped bodies last night, the rest don’t believe them until Iori and Taichi swap bodies unexpectedly themselves, with Himeko finally believing them after testing the pair. Randomly, the two then switch back, and everyone wonders whether it was just a one-day phenomenon.

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Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it’s not a one-day thing that’s making these club members swap bodies, or there would be no show at all! It reminds me a bit of Natsuiro Kiseki’s premise in a way – you’ve got friends that are suddenly mixed up in some supernatural event, and no-one’s really sure of the rules or limitations to any of the happenings. Right now we have no idea how long the swaps go on for, what they’re triggered by or how to release them. I also have a feeling that they spent time on showing us the outside lives of all the friends (including their family members) to imply that they do have their own personal lives and issues, that would be knocked out of whack by long periods of people swapping around. Watch how a swap happens when something awkward is going on xD Taichi did what any guy would do if they were in a girl’s body, even though Iori had small boobs.

I love everyone’s voice actors – they all have such unique and colourful voices, which takes away the cliché of having a generic cast play out the show. I particularly dig Himeko’s, voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki who is immensely talented – looking at her history, I can’t believe she’s done such a wide range of roles from Dalian to Canaan to Kanbaru. Anyway, I’ll board the Himeko x Taichi ship, as well as the Yoshifumi x Yui one. Himeko is pretty tsundere for Taichi, and as for Yoshifumi, hopefully he’ll get at least one date out of Yui after the swapping messes them up. Of course, it’s almost impossible to be certain this early in the game, but if I’m right, you heard it here first ^^

If I woke up in a girl’s room, I’d be too scared shitless to even care about the fact that the room is a girl’s – I’d be trying to get back to my own body while panicking. Because of that, I can forgive the first swap for not being too eventful, but I was hoping that there’d be more messing around with the second one – Taichi and Iori swapping bodies. I dunno, I expected them to mess around with each other a bit more, or at least have the swap cause a few problems rather than nicely revert in time for the end of school. There’s going to be room for more of that the whole season though, so I’ll hope for the best and see.