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What do we have here? Is that a traditional harem I see over there? Why yes, yes it is. A young boy has to find a lover to inherit his father’s company, therefore he is sent to a prestigious school to find a girl he likes. Only problem is, he doesn’t remember his past and one of those girls is his incestuous little sister. It’s a trap !

Curse you Voldemort !

At first view there is nothing really spectacularly different between this harem and another one. Yes the fact that one of the girl is the guy’s younger sister is something new. But we have seen many harem that include incest before, we also have had many harem with memory lost involved before. There is absolutely nothing absolutely unique about this show.

She sure is quick in business, I smell a trap

If you are looking for something new and refreshing, you knocked at the wrong door. But good thing for me, I could care less about originality, this show looks easy to take, there will be ecchi involved and I like boobs and naked ladies, so I’m all for it. What better way to relax than to watch a guy get hit on by multiple girl and see him get involuntarily involved in multiple ecchi situations.

You know you are rich when girls are throwing themselves at you

I won’t pretend that I expect this show to be great, I don’t expect it to be any better than any other show. But it shouldn’t be bad, this kind of show was done and done again, the formula is already written and set in stone. There is no way someone could screw it up even if they tried to.

You are a Wizard Harry…oh no nevermind, just my older Brother

If you are like me and you want to have a smooth and easy ride with this harem, come and join me in my weekly review of it. Let’s have fun and share some naughty pictures and bet on who will win Shougo’s heart.

Possibility of Watching: Likely

Possibility of Blogging : Likely

ZeroG signing off

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  1. ron

    “this show looks easy to take” thats what she said

    1. ZeroG

      I give you 5 internet good sir, you made me laugh

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