This is the story about a man, Hazuki Ryuusuke, having a secret crush on a Shimao Rokka, whom he can barely talk to. As he attempts to do so by applying as a part-timer at the flower shop she owns, he comes across Shimao Atsushi, who happens to be the ghost of her belated husband.

Yeah, I’d make that face too. XD

After a while where he finally figures out Rokka’s feelings towards her husband’s death, and decides to take this opportunity to confess to her and to tell her she should move on.
1st goal of the day: Win against a ghost.
I kinda feel bad for Ryuusuke… I mean, for him to be able to get over such a hurdle will be a bit tough, since it seems clear that both husband and wife loved each other dearly.
With this first episode, I’m getting really good vibes out of this. In terms of plot, it seems to me like this will be the tear-filled story of the season. I feel like I’m going to cry so many times when watching this… But, in a way, it’s what makes some stories so great in the end.
O_o Sketchy art is, indeed, very sketchy

It seems like pretty much everything about this show will be good, except maybe the art which sometimes looks reallly rough and ugly, however I’m definitely down for watching more. This is a show about moving on, and I’m very curious to know exactly how Rokka will manage to do that :).
Possibility of Watching: High
Possibility of Blogging: Moderate due to lack of time