O_o I think there are too many 5’s in the episode number. It scares me.


Fights, fights, fights, and more fights. Soro and Sanji show how awesome they are. The episode is now over.
😀 FINALLY!!!!!
I’ve been waiting for weeks to see everyone’s new powers! It’s about time we at least get to witness a small glimpse of what their powers are like, after so many episodes.
Cutting out all others since we’ll probably see more of them as the fight goes on, Zoro and Sanji were pretty much the highlight of this episode, so I’ll only discuss them and leave the others for the next few episodes. It seems to me like everyone’s attacks suddenly become more and more illogical. I mean, Zoro didn’t even have to move an inch after his tornado had started and he could beat basically anyone. I found it a bit weird, but in the end… I guess it’s more badass when it’s impossible.
As for Sanji, his new technique was freaking amazing. I didn’t expect him to have mastered the CP9’s Geppou, and the reason why he mastered it only made things so much better. “I was surrounded by transvestites… My only way out was up, so I ran in the air!!” Because that totally makes sense.
I expect to see much more out of Sanji and Zoro, however it’s something we’ll probably only get to see when they go against stronger enemies, whereas right now they’d rather go for efficiency than strength. I’m glad we got a glimpse of it all at least, I’ll be satisfied for a while… I hope.
Next episode will be time for the ship to prove itself! How many people will it destroy with that new weapon? I’m betting around 10,000, anyone going for more?