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Note: One Piece episode 557 will air next week, on July 29. Therefore, no episode this week! Also, sorry for the delay!


More fights, more fights, more fights, KRAKEN!!!!!!!!!! The End.

*shiny eyes* SURUMEEEEEE!!!! I love you so much 😀

I haver to say, his appearance sure was unexpected. I had completely forgotten about him until this episode. It was a good idea to bring him back, Hordy thought he was so awesome with his kraken and in the end he only had it stolen from him and gave the Strawhats another weapon.
Now, Hordy sort of intrigues me. He’s so damn strong and confident with his strength already, he’s planned his vengeance for a while, and his only real opponent is Strawhat and Shirahoshi (whom can be killed pretty easily, if not for Strawhat). I understand he had everything planned out against Strawhat, but so far he’s pulled:
1) 100,000 men
2) A kraken
3) An imprisonment
4) Vander Decken
5) A time-limit execution
All against 10 people? Heck, that’s so improbable I’m starting to believe they just want to make the Strawhat crew seem even stronger by beating up more people. Honestly, the real fights against the commanders and Hordy hasn’t even started yet. Calm the hell down, Hordy. I think your drugs made you a little too enthusiastic in having an army.
Now, on to the Straw Hat crew. This time, it was Brook’s Time to Shine! literally. I was really curious to know how being a Soul Artist for 2 years had made him stronger in any way, and I was happy to know that it wasn’t 2 years of complete uselessness. His hypnosis skills were top-notch, and as ineffective as it looks against a ton of enemies, it’s a trick that I believe will be useful to the whole crew later on, in so many ways it can only be more awesome than it is now. Also, it’s kinda funny to see enemies dancing around for no reason.
Robin also showed her power in this episode. Not only does she have hands, now she has feet, too! They’re enormous, they stomp people, and guys will like it trying to imagine what’s in between those huge legs. It shall remain a mystery forever and ever… But honestly, Robin’s new power is great, and much more effective than her old way of fending off multiple enemies.
Lastly, let’s not forget about the Thousand Sunny! Franky definitely has a gadget fetish, and when he pulled out his hair, I just knew this would be serious. When the Fr-U 4 came in, I wasn’t sure exactly what made it so awesome except it being a metal machine, but the Brachio 5 made my day, if only for the sound it makes when it shoots people. Also, seeing Chopper so excited being the Commander as well as Luffy running after it with shiny eyes was absolutely hilarious.
And now, let us wait an extra week for the next episode sobsob.