Yuru Yuri ♪♪ Episode 2: Yuru Yuri Everyday

Remember, always hand-gargle, guys.


I was surprised that Akari contributed to quite a lot this episode, given that her lack of presence was abused yet again in various places, like Yui’s photo of eating a lot of food or the opening scene. I’m probably looking out too hard though, given that it’s such a well-known recurring gag in the series.

The Yui x Kyouko vibes were strong today. Somehow, I think some of the original intention was lost when they not-so-passionately proclaimed love for each other, but who can resist Super Sexy Commando Kyouko? Seriously, she’s the source for so many gags in the series, I expect some comic relief whenever she turns up. Oh, at the expense of Akarin of course xD It was the other way round this time though, with the randomness of “Kyoppi and Yuppi” rivalling that of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita. Hahahaha I can’t believe she’s not happy with Akarin as a nickname.

While Yui x Kyouko was strong, we hardly got any Chinatsu x Kyouko, or Ayano x Kyouko, even though there was a nice chunk of Student Council screen time. I did wish it was Ayano and her “Toshinou Kyouko!” slamming open the Amusement Club door instead of Sakurako holding a snake, but whatever goes, as long as it’s entertaining xD I don’t know what was up with the pixelated censoring, nor do I think it’ll be good for me if I find out – I remember they did it last season with the explicit clay models Kyouko made, except they never flew around the room…

In Yuru Yuri’s true style, everything was in a Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou format this time, with focus on everyday life instead of two separate skits like they used to do. What was really random was that the conversation drifted to how not to catch colds (with Kyouko catching a cold the next day) and ended up sounding like a TV tips commercial, especially with those fourth-wall breaking moments. This ep wasn’t as funny as last week by far, but still managed to give me a good laugh.

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