Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 6: Preliminaries Results are In!

It’s finally time for the running candidates to make their speech, but with the wrong script in hand, Yuuki freaks out and makes quite an clumsy entrance. However, he manages to turn it into part of his speech he makes up on the spot. Will it be enough for him to pass the preliminaries?

Yuuki’s speech was hilarious. He’s the type of character who’d turn things around even when he makes himself look like a fool and make it look like it was planned. He’s crazy when he wants to be, and taking advantage of the errors the lame reporter had written down without a second thought, he turns it into something that catches the crowd attention and successfully rallies them to fun and exciting speech.
It’s hard to tell whether he has taken Mifuyu’s confession within the letter/story, I don’t even know at this point because in the last episode it sounded almost as if she were narrating a story as she was typing away. Either way he hasn’t said anything to her that acknowledged her confession. The question is now whether it will be brought up again, so will be something that they will both let quietly fade away.
Speaking of love and all that, I’m even more confused whether his feelings towards Chisato are mutual or not. Does he consider her nothing more than a best friend and sister, or does he see something more, but haven’t decided to act upon it yet?
Onto the running candidates:
There’s something going on behind the scene with the current Student President. He mentioned how the 4th candidate was running in hopes to stabbatoge Yuuki’s chances of passing by splitting the votes in between two independents. I still haven’t quite grasped what  Mouri wants to do besides trying to figure out who harmed his sister.
I’m quite suspicious of the candiate from the General Affairs. While it’s a common tactic for having seeded people who would be in the crowd and make it seems like it’s a popular opinion depending on how they respond and act up about it, like Yuuki had reacted, it seems a bit fishy. I’m quite wary of Tatsumi’s personality now. It’s not just being confident, he’s clearly doing some backdoor  deals, and for the future of the main election, there could be a possibility of the votes getting rigged, or someone getting framed, or even worse, getting hurt. What a scandal that’d be.

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