Kokoro Connect episode 8: King of Silence


So much drama going on right now in this show. I think that emotional surge are much scarier than body swapping for the sanity of our dear companions. It has only been a few episode and everyone is shut down in their home panicking their lives and fearing for the worst. You know that things are getting back when Taichi is fighting with someone instead of helping them. Taichi reminds me so much of a white knight, he wants to help all the girls but he will fight with Aoki just to prove his point. Meanwhile Inaba doesn’t talk to anyone, Taichi is now doing the same thing AND he is Chris Browning his girlfriend and finally Iori is getting depressed because no one wants to talk to her anymore.

I have a feeling that Mr.Heartseed is actually quite happy with the current result. Personally I find that there is way more problem when there is no communication, rather than when there is some. Right now everyone is pissed at each other and on the edge. I think that no one has had a real impulse for quite a while now (except for Taichi), everyone is pissed and on the edge because they are afraid of themselves. They are not even afraid of what the others will do if they do have an impulse. They are all afraid of themselves. People can handle everyone else little outburst, what they can’t handle, is their inability to decide and control themselves. Have you noticed, no one has complained about anyone else outburst yet, the only thing they are afraid of is themselves. Maybe if they all had better confidence in themselves and if they trusted each other, this problem would be over really quickly. But it would be less fun if it worked out so easily.

Next on the agenda is the field trip, I’m pretty sure it will be at the center of next episode. Now that Inaba, Iori and Taichi are all in the same group, you can be sure that some very scary things will happen. I have a feeling that having so many teen full of hormones might lead to their ends. I’m sure that something sexual will happen, it is bound to. Hopefully the relationship between Iori and Taichi won’t burn down to flames because of it, I really wish them the best of luck.

Speaking of their relationship, I was so frustrated when I saw that Taichi was letting Iori wait all alone in the club room, I just wanted to find him and punch him in the face. Never let a lady wait for you all alone, it is ungentlemanly. Yes in the end he went to meet her, but he waited sooo long, I really wish Iori will leave him just for this. I feel like it is good enough of a reason for it.

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