Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse episode 8: Kids these days


Beach time is over, we are back in the cold but this time on the other side of the Bering straight. It is cold, it is dangerous and it is where the real action should be starting. I have high hopes that we will be getting so hot mecha on alien action pretty soon. Because if not, all this torture and all this waiting will have been for nothing. Now Bridges got himself a new big gun and I hope we’ll see him use it, I don’t care if he dies and all this harem bullshit was for nothing, I want to see blood, I want to see tragedies, I want to see them all die. We had about 30 seconds of flashback this episode, we were able to rewatch the terrible scene of the second episode. I want to see THAT again. I don’t care about everything else.


That’s a big gun, I think the Asians are overcompensating for something

Yet, I must admit that even though there was no actual fighting, I think the episode was a lot better than it used to be in the last couple weeks. At least now there was some kind of real drama going on. You have Russia’s bitches on the front line and they are quite unhappy about it, it seems. They might still be kids, but they have some deep hanger coming from deep down. They hate the country they are fighting for and I can perfectly understand why. But what I have some trouble understanding, is why they would rather rape Inia than Cryska. Inia is just a little girl with a teddy bear, why would you possibly decide to go for her rather than Cryska who is fully developed? Cryska isn’t ugly either, on the contrary she is one of the prettiest there is. I think those kids have lost their taste in things from the war and seeing aliens everywhere.

Pedobear’s seal of approval

At least their commander looks sharp (and pretty), that girl gives me goose bumps when she walks around. Like Inia would say, she has some deep aura around her, I feel like she inspire respect from a single glance.  I’m sure we’ll be able to see her in some bad ass mecha action against the aliens soon enough. Maybe we will even see a couple of them die, after all, that’s what I want to see the most in this show…people dying mouahahaha.

Having said that, I’m glad Inia was nearly raped this episode, it gives a sense of seriousness to the show and it reminds us that it won’t be all about pointless relationship until the end. We might see some guts flying around until the end of the season and I’m looking forward to it.


ZeroG signing off

3 thoughts on “Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse episode 8: Kids these days

  1. Well, I’m not certain about the original light novel (since I was unable to obtain a copy of it), but at least in the manga version of Total Eclipse not everything was as easy going as the anime version. Remember that guy with sunglasses in Episode 6? In the manga Yuuya, Takamura, and Chriska were first greeted by fake UN rescuers (and not Yuuya’s teammates) who were going to execute Yuuya and Takamura under that guy’s command until Inia showed up in the Su-37UB Terminator and.they were ordered to halt their assassination operation and changed it into a real rescue mission.

    1. Sometimes I wonder who decides what to keep and what to cut when going from manga to anime. Who is the genius who said “let’s forget about that action and fun part and instead focus on the boring romance and harem”. Then again, maybe it is just me who hates this show harem-feeling so much.

      1. Usually, it’s the animation director – since he plans for the anime so much or maybe the key animator – since he draws the main keys for the animation. lolol

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