Hordy’s captains are on the move! After seeing their whole army completely destroyed, it’s only normal that they’d start actually doing something… The chewy one decides to get rid of the FR-U 4 and the Brachio 5 in one shot using a sink hole, a technique which works pretty well, except Franky turns around and decides to play Transformers with his machines, creating the Franky Shogun.

Transformers in One Piece!!! *sparkly eyes* 😀

With this, Franky has some fun with the robot and destroys many people, while Nami and Usopp also manage to destroy there share of the lot with their new powers. Chopper shows us one of his new techniques, making him look badass as hell, and just as Luffy is about to defend Surume (and his brother) and beat the hell out of Hordy, the Noah appears and threatens to destroy them all, island included.
If one kick in Gear Second is all Luffy needs to beat the hell out of Hordy, then I guess this fight won’t last too long.

sniff Poor Surume… Being threatened and all… To be honest, it was probably the least I expected to see Luffy have an emotional moment with a  kraken. I’ll admit though, it makes him all the more badass, and my only wish now is to see Luffy beat the crap out of Hordy in a matter of seconds. Which, it seems, will happen in a few episodes, since it seems like things have finally started moving.
Talking about plot advancements, the admirals finally stopped giving orders and joined the fray! That’s the “we’ll finally get to see how powerful everyone is” call. Sanji and Zoro both found an opponent, and it’s pretty funny that Sanji just happened to get the guy that’s scared of turning into ashes (but we’ll only see to that later). Meanwhile, Chopper also found someone to fight, and I do believe the drunk swordsman will go against Brook, since Zoro already has an opponent. I’m getting impatient here… I want FIGHTS!
Now, in terms of new skills: Awesome episode. Seriously, just… Wow. When I saw the gadgets made by Franky last episode, I was a bit deceived because they made such a huge emphasis on something which wasn’t as cool as I thought, however this episode redeemed everything. The Franky Shogun is awesome. Hilarious as hell, badass, cool, and it beats up tons of people. That’s how I like things 🙂
Although I doubt I’d react as much as this o.o

Chopper’s new “Horn Point” suddenly for the first time ever made him look cool, which I really liked, and it was pretty surprising to see Usopp beat up tons of people in an instant with his plants. I mean, since when does this guy have courage? O_o Nami’s powers were… Meh, I feel like she can do much more than that. Her weather tool is pretty awesome, but I’m sure she can do much more than what she showed us so far, and I feel like she definitely hasn’t shown the best of her powers.
Now, as much as I want fights and badass powers, it seems like I’ll have to wait… This episode’s cliffhanger was pretty explicit on next episode’s topic, which is: A freakin’ behemoth is coming to destroy the island and everyone with it. It should prove to be a pretty cool episode… Look forward to it! I will, as always.
…Can I have it? 🙂