Two parts of a whole..


Felicita collapses after a botched attempt at using the “Wheel of Fate” Arcana to save her father. Her memory disappears; no one has a clue what to do, until Jolly reminds that his Arcana power is the ability to force others “to remember.” The others agree to let him try despite his underhanded method of saving Mondo over Felicita’s well-being. Jolly crosses over into the other world, boosted by Mondo’s Arcana, while Liberta and Nova help to free Felicita’s memories. Upon recovery, the “Heart” Arcana speaks to Felicita, telling her that in order to negate the side effects of the “Wheel of Fate” card, she will need to strengthen the “Heart” (or, the “Two Lovers”) Arcana by finding “another” half.


The fatal flaw in Arcana Famiglia is finally addressed…by exposing the issue I have had with this show this blatantly, I finally understand the writers had no interest whatsoever in making Felicita a participatory part of the anime, instead, deciding to concentrate on the activities of the men around her. Most notably, Liberta and Nova…

But, moving on. This episode explained the actions of Jolly, and despite his callous exterior (except around kids), he really cares for the family, and in this case, Mondo. As the one that probably knows Mondo for the longest period of time and the one that comprehends the full weight of responsibility that he bears, Jolly is surprisingly likable once you get past the cool exterior.

Though, Jolly, being the careful and calculating type he is, he most likely know what to do in order to save Mondo. In telling Felicita about her secondary power, but leaving out the repercussions of the power, he was able to get Felicita to change the fate without much trouble. After all, he is “The Moon” card, and had the power to bring back her memory all along. I’m assuming that memory loss is a different issue that Jolly forcing memories into people, considering how unprepared he was for taking down the pillar of thorns that was trapping Felicita.

And what is with that gratuitous nudity of Felicita? =-= Throughout the show, Felicita is treated like a delicate doll, and in this episode, she really becomes one. Not only is she not responsive to the environment, she needs to be rescued by the men around her. If this is not enough proof, there is also “The Lovers” card imploring her to find another person, which I assume is a “lover” in order to complete herself. All this means is that that she cannot exist or rely on her own power, but instead has to rely on others?

Though, I wonder what Mondo’s real state is, and who will judge the Duello when is actually starts up. Sumire, I guess? But I predict chaos if Mondo really does die, or someone else decides to start a coup against him.