So what is love?


Felicita recovers, and scares Luca by asking him “What is love”? Nova and Liberta take Felicita out on a boat ride, where Liberta gives her a gift of a butterfly pin. As the waves get rough and the weather turns bad, Felicita loses her balance while trying to grab the pin, and falls into the water. Liberta and Nova both leap overboard to save her, and they eventually reach shore. Once they arrive home, they are scolded for their negligence, but the trip triggers resolution in all three of them. Nova resolves to revive his parents; Liberta pledges to learn control over his powers; Felicita finds the conviction to fight. Despite the Heart Arcana’s words, Felicita goes into the Arcana Duello without choosing one boy or another.

The Arcana Duello is starting!!! OMFFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG FINALLY!! It’s been 11 episodes, and it appears the real story is finally arriving. Too bad it took that many side stories and attempts the build the characters into believable people before we got here.
The various family members share stories on how they came to get their contracts, but all in all, it doesn’t seem to add up. Not only is the system broken by the fact that people can keep more than one contract at one time, but also way the contracts came to be. Felicita contracted when she was a very little girl, and Nova was contracted by the way of his parents. Liberta appears to have been born with the contract bound to him already, or it could be that he doesn’t remember. Nevertheless, there is a huge age and power difference between the different people and it irks me to no end.
While the last episode cast Felicita a doll, this placed her as a jewel to be won. There is something to be said about the way she could not swim for some reason, and did something stupid like grab for a pin during a storm. Maybe the fact of the matter is that she lives in a house of males that dote on her, and has statues of her all over the place, or maybe she doesn’t understand this whole affection thing. After all, she can’t even tell that all the men in her life love her to some degree, even the creepy old ones and her father.
In terms of Nova and Liberta…they finally acknowledge their rivalry. They’re going to settle this like men! They’re going to show off their love in the heat of battle! You can tell how seriously I’m taking this show at this point. Why did they both have to jump into the water to save her? Why couldn’t one have steered the boat so they all wouldn’t have stayed over on the island? Blah. Well, with an awakening Felicita, I wonder which guy she’ll choose?