Kokoro Connect episode 10: Time for a love contest


The emotional outbursts are finally over, everyone had pretty much gotten over it except for Inaba. Now that her problem is cleared, Heartseed is ready to give them a little break before their next little game. I’m curious what fun activities will be reserved for them in the future, after all, now that the bodyswapping and emotional outburst business are over, it is hard to think what could beat it in term of disruptivity.

Having said that Heartseed is right about one thing, overall, he is helping them to live happy lives more than anything else. Since he showed up, the five of them have actually become quite closer friends, they have solved or at least improved most of their issues. Not only that, now new loves are born. Even with her strong attitude, Inaba finally broke down this episode, she fell into tears. It was not an episode, it was simply her way to have all this bad stress she kept inside to exit finally exit at once.

It is now official. Inaba and Iori are fighting for Taichi. It must be so weird and difficult to be in Taichi’s position. It might be even worse since he is a selfless bastard. I’m sure he is the one who will have the hardest time with the situation, Inaba and Iori will be fighting, they want the same thing, but in the end, Taichi is the one who has all the pressure. He is the one who has to make a decision, he is the one that has to break one of their heart. For someone like him who is unable to hurt anyone, this task must be near impossible. The guy was ready to fall down a tree to save a cat, how could he possibly hurt anyone ? The two girls might not have realized it, but they will torture the one they love more than themselves. The sad thing in this situation? Usually the one who loves him more will want to avoid him any more suffering and will cease their chase and therefore, the one who loves him less will win him in the end. Isn’t logic such a cold and cruel thing?


But let us backtrack a little. I mentioned how Taichi was ready to climb a tree to save a cat. The foreshadowing this episode was absolutely incredible and misleading. I loved it. They had you visualize the cliff, they had you believe that it was important, that something would happen there. Then, they mention the fall and my first thought was “not again with this thing”. That show had everything set up for us to think what it wanted us to think. I was done beautifully, I give this scene a 5/5 because it toyed with me just the way I liked to be manipulated.

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