Phi Brain: Puzzle of God 2 Episode 24: Mother

 Motherrrrr!!! D8


With his stage and plan all set, Freecell took his next step to battle against Kaito in a puzzle. But in his plan, there’s no ordinary puzzle in mind but one which is called as “God’s Puzzle.” He invited Kaito through Pinochle and Kaito is quite ready to face against Freecell and also to keep his promise with him. Although he thought it would be that easy.

Freecell’s prediction about the future: He and Kaito, facing off on a puzzle showdown but then pictures of Nonoha on the scene keeps on popping. He took Nonoha alone and has a chat with him where Nonoha mentioned about his mother and about the words written on his mother’s diary. And it was only later that Freecell realized that Nonoha seems to be like his mother when he lets her hair down.


I actually have fewer words to say in this episode. I didn’t get to see the puzzle being solved. It’s sad to say it but I have to wait for the next episode for the so-called God’s puzzle to be fully shown. Freecell did mention that he created the God’s puzzle so this would really mean that this is not an actual God’s puzzle that we’re about to see. Even POG had some trouble into locating another God’s Puzzle after what Pythagoras and Jin had fought over with the last time which was already destroyed.

Well, let’s just leave the puzzle for the next episode. So the chase in this episode was the mystery why Nonoha keeps on appearing on both Freecell’s and Kaito’s dream about the future where they will be having their puzzle time together. Because of Freecell’s curiosity, he called for Nonoha to talk some things before he could face Kaito at the God’s Puzzle which lead to Nonoha telling Freecell about his late mother. As expected, it was the first time that Freecell knew about his mother with connection to the Orpheus Order and that is: his mother was the first sacrifice for the development of the fake Orpheus Ring. But even knowing the other details, he didn’t really care but surely, it was obvious that he cared since he became so enthusiastic about the puzzle that Nonoha re-made for him.

Even after knowing that his mother told him through the puzzle that “You are my hope” his reaction didn’t changed nor is his way of thinking but there hesitation on his face. Well, yes, the ring, of course. Also he even made Nonoha to look like his own mother and calling her mother and hugging her. I almost got a heart attack when he neared the distance between their faces, like they are about to kiss but he was only letting her wear the necklace. XD But I find Freecell really cute during this situation. Not to mention he was really, really attached to his mother even though he says that he hates her. Maybe his subconscious actually kicks in sometimes to oppose the ring like Kaito had before.

Also, Freecell tried to make Kaito wear the Final ring which he got from Klondike before. Nice try on Freecell’s part but in the end, Kaito manage to reject the ring and even destroyed it out of pure will just like the geniun one that he wore from the first season. I’m still wondering up until now why did the final ring made Kaito’s left eye glow red. Well, maybe all the fake rings make the left eye glow red instead but Melancholy had a genuine ring still had her left eye glowed instead. This would only mean that Kaito’s Orpheus ring before was different than the other rings so far. Not only it made Kaito’s right eye glow red but it was place on his arm not on the wrist.

There are still a lot of holes in Phi Brain’s story up until now so I’m really curious is they are going to fill these holes in with only 2 remaining episodes left for this season. And even if they will fill them in, I don’t think two episodes are enough for it.

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