BTOOOM! Episode 1 – First Explosion [First Impressions]

Watched Hunger Games? Nah… it went wilder than that with boobies. LOL


BTOOOM! is a world famous online game. It’s a track-and-kill kind of game but with its own twist. BTOOOM! Players use bombs in order to get rid of the enemy. The team with a survivor from the round wins. Sakamoto Ryouta, leads one of the top groups of the game and is a world ranked player, is an unemployed son of the Sakamoto House in real life. He has a job that he wants to do but fate doesn’t want him for it and even his mother wanted to find a job for him though he refuses every other job.

Even with his current situation, he’s quite contented with his live in the world of BTOOOM! Although, one twist of fate made him found himself in a deserted island where the first human he encountered threw a bomb at him and made him realize he has to play the game in real life.

Linzz’s First Impression:

NANO’S VOICEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3 Well, knowing that after Phi Brain ended, I won’t be able to hear Nano’s voice on an opening song but NO – it didn’t end there. Her legend must continue and for her, to sing the opening song for BTOOOM! made me so happy. 😀  Well, enough with that since I have to write something about this anime instead.

You have no idea what made me excited for this fall. Of course, one of the few series that I am looking forward to watch is BTOOOM! as well. If you have watched Hunger Games you might have a grasp on what is going on with this anime. Although they have a lot of time skip that will make you confused (since I was confused about it on the manga at first but got the hang of its style later on), you will find this series very interesting.

Bomb surprise, Ryouta! 8D

The thought of using bombs in an online game was interesting enough but to do it in real life is just not that main-stream. Of course with things going on wild in an isolated island, you will find yourself confused and especially on Ryouta’s side where he unseeingly forgotten some of his memories concerning what happened to him, it made his thought process worse. But the person he first met after getting by the beach helped him warn himself some things: 1. He’s going to get killed by other people who are carrying bombs with them and 2. He has to kill people using bombs in real life!

Ryouta has a very interesting character and will have a very interesting development but I can’t help but to say that he is a wimp! LOL His thought of being world-ranked player in a game affects his life in real which doesn’t have that much connection. Although his precision towards things around him is not that bad since he is a game-experienced kind of person but this doesn’t help the fact that he is THAT old and yet doesn’t have a job. (Normally, people his age in Japan already have jobs) But a part of me understands him as well. I am an online game player as well and there is a job that I really, really want and no other jobs would fit or satisfy me. But I won’t go that far – throw a controller to my own mother. XD

Everyone might be wondering why Ryouta’s mother emits this horror aura. I also do wonder why. XD

The whole action of the episode was nicely done. Aside from the usual animation I see (also ignoring those derpy shots I’ve seen so far) the action was quite well delivered. Of course the mystery as to why He is there to keep himself alive from bombs thrown at him and for the other people who he may going to meet in that island will be revealed little by little.

Also, it was a good thing for them to have the Heroine of the series show up in the first episode. Although I thought she would have her first appearance on the second episode or so. XD This girl will have so much to offer the fans especially since BTOOOM! is rated mature in the manga. You already know what I mean in this. /shot

I was nevera fan of ecchi but I’ll make an exception for this show. LOL

Possibility of Watching: HIGH

Possibility of Blogging: High as well


Tenderfoot’s First Impressions:

Let’s keep this short and sweet. The animations is a style that doesn’t appeal to me personally (lot’s of pure black shadows, weird distorted faces etc.), music was eh, Ryouta as a character was unsympathetic/annoying/a jerk, and the idea for the story is the love child of two very recent big hits (Hunger Games and Sword Art Online) that are so fresh that I don’t really need to see this re-hasing of their main plot points. This seems like it’s going to be a Tits & Explosions! show, which I don’t really want to waste time on, and the first episode left me feeling very…blank. I neither hated it or loved it (or even liked it for that matter). It was just a thing that existed, and that I watched for 20 some minutes, leaving me with no real lasting impression. Honestly, if I want to see young adults kill each other off one-by-one I’ll re-read Battle Royale. 

Possibility of Watching: Nope.

Possibility of Blogging: Nope.

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