Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ep 4: Mori Summer

Yuuta just can’t figure out why Shinka would want to join the Far Eastern Magic Nap Society of Summer! But the question is quickly answered when Shinka asks to hang out with him, and takes the opportunity to rummage through his room while he prepares tea in hopes to find The Rainbow Codex, the Mabinogion which was written by herself with the alias of a mage named Mori Summer with the intentions of destroying it.

Ahaha, poor Shinka. She wasn’t able to defeat Sanae when she needed to in order to prove that she’s the real Mori Summer! Now she wounds up joining the club to keep an eye out and protect her precious new school life with the intentions of keeping everything in the past a secret. I pity the girl since she went through all the trouble of deleting EVERYTHING on record that she had posted on the internet, doing whatever she could to conceal her embarrassing days. It’s just her luck that Sanae was a devoted follower and printed multiple physical copies of everything.
Shinka is very much alike with Yuuta except for her personality. It wasn’t too much of a surprise since this is a common true nature of an all-too-sweet character. I was extremely amused how Shinka was acting as if she didn’t do anything after rummaging though Yuuta’s room. I was even more amused that she was resorting to attempt casting a curse on Sanae which reverted her mind to Mori Summer.
It was smart thinking on Yuuta’s part to put to use one of his old materials from his “Dark Flame Master” days. It proven to be an excellent distraction and if he wants some more alone time without Rikka interrupting him, this will be a good tactic to frequently use since no matter what, with both Rikka’s and Sanae’s imagination at works, they’ll make it happen or come up with a reason rather than an excuse for not finding whatever. I wouldn’t mind seeing him pull this trick one or two more times throughout this show.
Right now this show continues to thoroughly entertainment with the amount of effort that Rikka and Sanae go through to properly act out their roles.  From the lights set up to constantly dropping a bag of flour for special efforts, to tying a ribbon around their wrists to make it more ‘real’ for being bounded down, really makes it fun to watch. The delay time that intervene while they set up always crack me up!


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